dr s appointment tomorrow

preparing a list of issues to discuss with gp and hope to finally get him to listen to me-accept what I have told him and consultants (the same from day 1)it s their "diagnoses?? "that keep changing!! eg "its inflammation" "its a headache" "its ibs " "its fibro" " I cant feel anything" amongst others

query CA125 test ?his levels 105 down to 37 .yet hospital 15 down to 14.??

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  • Hi, I understand you are frustrated about all of the above issues, but other than showing him that you are dissatisfied, what do you hope that list will achieve? Is it a diagnosis you want, or just for him to accept he was wrong (which he is never going to do). I just wonder, as I've said before, if you'd be better concentrating on one of the diseases you think you have and asking him to give cogent reasons for your symptoms. I wonder what other people think about this? I just worry that if you spend the appointment going over old ground, you will come away no further on and doubly disappointed when you've waited such a long time for the appointment xxx

  • I think sometimes if your list of arguments is getting longer and longer it might be better to cut your losses and change doctors rather than waste time on one who just won't see sense. We can get distracted by wanting to prove to the doc that they're wrong but sometimes it's a waste of time.

    So many people here do suffer with injustice after injustice so I can understand the desire to illuminate and resolve wrongs from the past, but it's important to know what your priorities are and as you say Lipbalmaddict, it might be better to know how you want to go forward rather than trying to correct things from the past.

    I would also say anbuma that it may be helpful to have a clear idea of what you want from your doc and ask for it in the simplest terms possible. "I want to see how I feel on a higher dose" or "I would like a blood test." Think about what your priorities are.

    The frustration of having a doc who won't listen or help is almost as bad as the effects of your original health problem.

  • they have to recongise symptoms and nto put everything down to fibro

    when clearly the symptoms are that of something else.ddint go over old ground .it s tehm that keep givign me different reasons for the same things.ie stomach gone form beign IBS to nothing despite 2 stone weight gian,why is it other members who have exactly the same as me get treatment or diagnosis?im dismissed.re ears -looked in and said normal.its not if I canthear when tv is on full volume and still sounds faint

  • I think the point is that he is unlikely to change his mind since he says the tests have been done, have come back clear therefore it's IBS (or whatever else he has said). What you might want to do is ask him how he plans to treat the symptoms you are experiencing. Tell him you don't accept the diagnosis, but aside from that, how does he plan on making you feel better? Ultimately isn't that what you want, irrespective of what name he gives it? You could say you accept he has no control over the labs refusal to test FT3 and FT4, but that instead you would like an ultrasound of your neck/thyroid which is in his power to arrange, as are folate, ferritin and B12 blood tests. I think this is what puncturedbicycle is saying about going in with a clear plan. Please don't read criticism into this, we really are just trying to help, and it's hard for you when you have been so badly let down by your GP, that sometimes a different perspective from people who aren't involved in the relationship, can help xxx

  • Lipbalmaddict you've said it better than I did.

    Also anbuma if you find out what the doc plans to do to restore your health and deal with your symptoms you'll know if it's worth sticking with him. If he has no plan that you can get onboard with, or if he says he can't help you, you know it's time to go elsewhere.

    My partner's doc said there was nothing he could do to help with chronic eczema, but when he changed docs the new one had an eczema clinic and a whole bunch of helpful ideas, so just because one doc throws up his hands doesn't mean you're at the end of the line. There is still hope. xx

  • I don't want to change drs .he is the best in the practice.its in the last 3 years when thinsg started -after hardly visiting drs before that -that relationship went downhill co snot given answers based on bloods only.when symptoms are visible ie on face and stomach being so huge -and is defintiely not a diet problem I don't see how they can dismiss them.

  • thank you everyone for your comments help advice and support I do take onboard what everyone says..i forgot to say he has arranged more blood tests to see whats going on with muscles etc.i cant believe i did talk to him without breaking into tears btu feel he is still avoiding answers to some questions(?) .I wake every morning to see how swollen my face and neck are and rashes btu it sliek he doesn't recognize this or by the time i see him its not as bad.

  • It's helpful I find to take photographs of rashes and swelling etc whenever you see it. My GP wasn't really listening about my skin but I paid privately to see a dermatologist about my rashes and took my camera as I knew Sod's law would mean skin would be ok when i saw him. He diagnosed 3 separate skin conditions, all requiring treatment, and I'm being tested for a fourth. The treatment for the 3 is already working well. If I hadn't taken the photos there would have been nothing to see xxx

  • I did take my camera with me with photos of my neck and face but it slipped my mind as he said he would come to reception and make mean appointment or they would say they have nothing fro 6 weeks.

  • should I email pictures to him -with some more responses/queries i ahev after todays appointment .I cant let it go that he says I ahve been given reassuring "opinions" from consultants when that is not so.is opinions a word anyone would use to give their views on something as in a debate.fro ENT to say "its not sinuses" when sinuses weren't the problem cant be reassuring nor can rheumatologists comments re weight and diet and ca125 when he need s to consider things concerning his area of expertise ie lupus symptoms.

  • A GP said to me not long ago that sometimes they just don't know what is causing symptoms, they can test until the cows come home but if everything comes back normal then there is nothing that they can fix.

  • Hi hypohen, that's certainly been the case with me. I've had all sorts of crazy symptoms going on for the last 12 months, they can't get to the bottom of what's causing it, but they can treat the symptoms like rashes, pain, bladder probs etc. I've just got to accept it and focus on getting better rather than obsess about what caused it all in the first place xx

  • mine says the labs rule the blood tests and f they come back normal there' nothing he can do. here has patient care gone? w are just nhs numbers?

  • Agreed, I have had whacky liver results for the past 5 years, none of the tests including a biopsy have shown anything so my Con said it's just one of those odd things where they just don't know why, there is nothing for them to fix. They keep a check on levels but that is all they can do. I don't bother about the numbers now, they are what they are.

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