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Daughter just got blood results after Dr. S prescribed her Levothyroxine. Advice please


My daughter saw Dr. S a few weeks ago and he prescribed her Levo. She has increased from 50mcg to 75 and 2 weeks ago to 100mcg as directed and has just had bloods taken at her GP this week. Results came back today but she just realised that she took her levo at 7.00 am and had bloods taken at 9.15 am. Dr. S did tell her not to take dose before bloods but she completely forgot he said this so she is now worried the results do not give a true picture.

TSH 0.35 (range 0.94 - 4.7)

T4 12 (range 7.8 - 21)

T3 5.3 (range 3.8 - 6.0)

She has said she really does not feel any better, could anyone comment on the results please and say whether by taking the dose before bloods were taken would have had much effect on the results.

Many thanks browny

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She's at the start of her recovery - and results are showing normal although they may be expected to be high with such a recent dose of medication.


it took me more like a year to recover most of my health. She could always phone Dr Skinner


Hi Thanks for your reply, she has an appointment next month with Dr. Skinner, I think she was hoping to at least feel a little better but I have tried to explain it will take time.


It seems to be that the longer you have been ill or unwell, the longer it takes to get healthy again.

I ended up with 225mcg Thyroxine. I know other people on 280 / day.



Yes she has been unwell for 4 years her G.P. saying it was CFS Dr. Skinner diagnosed hypo straight away from symptoms, low temp. feeling cold, really cold hands, exhaustion, depression,

so it will take time for her to recover.


To me, it looks like there may still be room for improvement. If you let Dr S know she forgot to not take her dose, he will be able to take that into account for her next dose. Her t4 is still on the low end of normal so I expect another increase may occur at some point.

It can take a long time to recover but she is in good hands :)

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn

Yes I thought her T4 was lowish and as you say she is in good hands, I keep telling her to be patient

as it will take time to feel better

Best Wishes browny


I was diagnosed after my son was born 15 years ago, and started on 100mcg back in 1998 and its steadily increased to 250mcg.Then in June I felt that my normal happy life had ended due to extreme tiredness, severe aches and pain, my hair falling out , headaches and brain fog, I felt like I was going mad because all he said was it was done to thyroid or the fact I have PBC ( an autoimmune liver disease) but when he did blood tests it was all normal levels, so on my next visit after feeling completely terrible I saw a locum, who asked my family runs in my family, mum has Addison's disease and dad has MS. She decided to run ana auto immune antibody blood test which finally came back with Lupus, that was 2 weeks ago!

I am glad in a way I listened to myself for once, and challenged the "it's just down to your thyroid" diagnosis....


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