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Appointment with Dr S - best way to prepare?


Hi, i have an appt in Birmingham at the end of the month and was wondering what is the best way to prepare. I have a very long and complex health history (ill for past 18 years with no diagnosis, apart from possible M.E) But my poor health goes right back to childhood.

I had no problem getting referral from GP who is sympathetic but helpless when it comes to deciding what to do with me.

I have some test results from Dr Myhill - mitochondrial function profile and translocator protein studies - all showing abnormalities. Should i take copies with me to give him? what about writing a summary of what has happened over the years? or a list of symptoms - i have so many and am worried that something will be missed if i forget some.

Any advice very greatfully received. I am so looking forward to seeing him and so hopeful that he can help - but i want to make the most of the appointment with him.


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i also have an appointment at the end of the month with him but in Glasgow. I would very much appreciate the same information I am also enormously looking forward to seeing him and I am sometimes worried that I expect too much. I keep ringing the surgery in Glasgow to make sure that I still have an appointment, I think Helen thinks I am a nutter. I have a fairly recent saliva test that I was going to bring but somebody told me that he is not overly interested in adrenals. He referral sent by my GP is useless and full of errors so I was going to write a short summary like you mentioned.

Let me know how you get on


Princesspea in reply to roslin

See below :0)

Hi guys, I see Dr S and had my first appointment last Aug. I took all my test results, which although he does not base your treatment on, it gives him a baseline. I also took a list of my symptoms. As for anything else, don't worry, he will ask the pertinent questions for other info he needs to know and you will be given plenty of time to run through your history during a friendly chat. Please don't think this will be the same as other horrible docs apps you have had. He is a LOVELY man! And he WILL BELIEVE YOU! You won't need to convince him. Honestly, just relax and don't worry. It's all very laid back and there's nothing to be concerned about. I know it's a biggie because when you have been ill for so long you pin all your hopes (and cash!) on this appointment, but please, please don't panic, he will help you as much as he can! It's true that he doesn't TREAT adrenals as such as he believes if u fix the thyroid the adrenals will fix themselves, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be interested to have them. I know all mine went into my file with him and it contained all sorts of tests my GP had done. Good luck. X

P.s although I took a list of symptoms I didn't need it as he basically listed all the symptoms I had one by one and asked if I had it!! Lol. I was amazed!

Justy in reply to Princesspea

Thanks, that's all good info. Do you think he will try to get to the bottom of the problem even if he thinks it isn'y thyroid related? i just say this because i have noticed amongst people with M.E who see private Drs that the doctor tries to fit the patient inot their theory, rather than find the true cause.

Having said that i wouldn't be surpprised if Thyroid was causing at least some of my issues. I had a trial of thyroxine 2 years ago (low normal results) but it didn't make any difference at all - then my symptoms went quickly hyper whilst on the levo, but my bloods showed i was still only mid range for T4 and only around 1 for TSH - not what you would expect for hyper. So i stopped the Levo and haven't thought about thyroid since - except i kept hearing things about Dr S and thought he sounded very genuine and his pateints speak so highly of him.

mitchell66 in reply to Justy

Just like princesspea has said its just so refreshing not having to try and convince him you are ill, he will know straight away. Only looked briefly at my results. In hindsight I should of read his book first, this way you would get a good idea of what he is looking for (Diagnosis and Management of Hypothyroidism).

shawsAdministrator in reply to Justy

If you haven't seen this link, it is how Dr S became involved in thyroid gland problems.

Not sure Dr S will be able to help you with all your problems (including those non thyroid related), however you should get much better anyway. I am a patient of both dr skinner and dr myhill, what dr skinner does not look at dr myhill does ;)

Wow, just looked up his book on Amazon - not in print and £44 for a second hand copy - think i'll have to give it a miss.

I am a patient of Dr Myhills as well - have had some improvements (very very slowly) but i don't feel we are getting to the bottom of things and some of her suggestions are just too difficult or expensive. I don't have much money, so just hope DR S can help, or point me in the right direction if he doesn't feel it is Thyroid related.

mitchell66 in reply to Justy

I brought latest edition at my appointment for £12! If you wanted to read it beforehand I bet they'd send you a copy if you asked ;)

LouiseRoberts in reply to Justy

We sell them here, or you can borrow a copy from our library. :)



Drop me an email for more info -

Muffy in reply to Justy

You can get your book at the appointment with Dr. Skinner. Even the paperback version didn't cost £44 when new. I think you can also get the book from Thyroid Uk.

When you get to the clinic, you will be given a list of symptoms and you tick that which applies to you. On return visits, you will be asked to do the same again and hopefully there will be far less symptoms that have been ticked.

As others have said, don't worry about the appointment. Dr. Skinner is fine and he'll always refer you to a different speciality if he believes there is something else wrong.

Justy in reply to Muffy

Thanks everyone for all your replies and help - so greatfully received!

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