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Vit B12 Blood Test and Dificiency???

Hi All,

I just rang up to ask if my blood tests are back, I had FBC, Vit B12 and Thyroid.

The receptionist said "Yes all Normal"!!!

I then ask what was my B12, she said 184....5 mths ago, it was 250, I have been very poorly, so many symptoms, palms of hands red at times, last week the roof of my mouth had red patches and I was giving Oral steroids.

So I said to her, thats hardly normal....the nice GP that I see has now gone on holiday for 2 weeks and the one that I don't seem to agree with, has marked all tests as normal.

I also tested positive 5 mths ago for Gastric Paricetal Abs but noone is taking a blind bit of notice, how poorly I've been feeling.

I'm going down the surgery now to get a print out....Wonder what else in it is gonna show...."Normal"!!

Please can anyone help on where to go or what to say fron now on?

Thanks as always


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Ok....I've got the print out!!

As I said above

Serum B12 184 ng/l (120.00-625.00)

Also this is below range

MCHC 316 (320.00-360.00g/l)

Lymphocytes 3.61 (150-3.50) above range

Large unstained cells 0.14 (0.00 0.1610)#

Thyroid Blood tests

Serum TSH 0.79 (0.34-5.60)

Serum free T4 12.4 (7.9-20.0)

Serum Free T3 4.3 (3.80-6.00)

Any comments would be appreciated



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