Does anyone else have problems with swollen ankles, pain in the back of legs when walking and pins and needles in toes?

I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, on 125mg of t4, have good levels of b12, vit d follate, ferritin ect and am due to have my first appointment with endo (thanks to a wonderful doctor and help from this site and recommended list of endos)

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  • I did when on levothyroxine. You have to be able to convert enough T4 (levo) into T3 (the active hormone). I had to switch eventually from levothyroxine altogether. I think it was fillers/binds caused my problem.

  • Thanks Shaws hopefully this will give the endo a reason to allow me a trial of t3. I can but hope.

  • Yes, my ankles are swollen as are my feet and fingers. I'm unable to walk any distance due to this.

    A couple of days ago I had Manual Lymphatic Drainage (I did post up about it). Will be having another session next week.

    I'm on T3 and just increasing dosage.

  • Sorry have not been on here for a while, will look up your original post. Thanks for replying

  • I always had those symptoms taking t4 only. Why not take something (dessicated) that replaces your thyroid in the same way your body produces it?

  • I am going to try the endo appointment first to see if he will prescribe T3 first. If he will not then I will go down the route of self medicating with amour.

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