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Link between asymptomatic root canals and auto immune diseases

Hi all

I recently started researching the above and was horrified at the health risks of root canals. I had one in 06 (the last time i saw a dentist as i am phobic and that was as much as i could take)

Pre 06 i was super fit and healthy, trained and worked out daily - would think nothing of running 16km, etc etc. Was energetic and happy

After root canal in 06:

Developed crippling gastric symptoms (now known to be coeliac and IBS), anxiety

Diagnosed hypoT

2007: enormous fibroid removed but not before i needed 3 blood transfusions due to severe anaemia. Personality changed to extremely anxious all the time

2007 onwards, worsening fatigue which eventually nearly cost me my job (2012), chronic hairloss and premature aging of skin all over body.

2008: hypoglycaemia, now much worse

2012: pernicious anaemia, chronic neutropaenia - thus frequent infections. Vertigo for best part of a year, severe fatigue

This is not an exhaustive list - i struggle to remember everything

So: decide i need to overcome my dental phobia. See a holistic dentist who says highly likely i have mercury poisoning (loads of mercury fillings from childhood) and that the asymptomatic root canal must come out as it is almost certainly infected

Won't bore you with the melodramatics but managed to have tooth extracted today. Sure enough, there was a bad infection (probably been there for years) and the root canal filling had actually penetrated the bottom the canal and come out the other side, so a steady flow of bacteria and toxins into my system.

I am CONVINCED i will feel the health benefits very soon. Next step - 5 sessions to remove the mercury

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Very interesting! Let us know how you get on.

Is a root canal where they drill out all the stuff in the tooth, including the nerves, and fill with mercury? Can they not fill with something else?

Anyway, I hope you see some improvements very soon!

Carolyn x

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This is extraordinary information. Thank you for sharing it and well done for being so tenacious. I hope that everything goes smoothly for you now.

It is my belief that there are many as yet undiscovered causes of systemic problems leading to thyroid failure and other illnesses, and it looks like you've found one of them.

Jane x

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You may want to read this, note the paragraph about tooth extraction.

Myth #2—Root canal treatment causes illness.

The myth: Patients searching the Internet for information on root canals may find sites claiming that teeth receiving root canal (endodontic) treatment contribute to the occurrence of illness and disease in the body. This claim is based on long-debunked and poorly designed research performed in the 1920s by Dr. Weston A. Price. Dr. Price stated that bacteria trapped in the teeth during root canal treatment could “leak” and cause almost any type of disease, including arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease and others. This was before medicine understood the causes of these illnesses. At the time, Dr. Price recommended tooth extraction instead of endodontic treatment.

The truth: There is no valid, scientific evidence linking root canal-treated teeth and disease elsewhere in the body. In fact, by the early 1930s, a number of well-designed studies discredited Dr. Price’s research, and no subsequent research has supported Dr. Price’s findings. In 1951, the Journal of the American Dental Association devoted an entire issue to a review of the scientific literature and concluded that there was no evidence supporting Dr. Price’s theory and that his research techniques from the 1920s lacked many aspects of modern scientific research. The ADA recommended endodontic treatment as the standard of practice for teeth that could be saved. Recent research continues to support the safety of dental treatment as it relates to overall health.

The presence of bacteria in teeth and the mouth has been an accepted fact for many years. But the presence of bacteria does not constitute "infection" and is not necessarily a threat to a person's health. Bacteria are present in the mouth and teeth at all times, even in teeth that have never had a cavity or other trauma. Research shows that the healthy immune system takes care of bacteria in a matter of minutes.

When a severe infection in a tooth requires endodontic treatment, that treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal and prevent re-infection of the tooth.

Tooth extraction is a potentially traumatic procedure and is known to cause a significantly higher incidence of bacteria entering the bloodstream; endodontic treatment confined to the root canal system produces much less trauma and a much lower incidence and magnitude of bacteria entering the blood stream.

There is no adequate replacement for the natural tooth - it should be saved whenever possible. Endodontic treatment, along with appropriate restoration, is a cost effective way to treat infected teeth because it is usually less expensive than extraction and placement of an implant. In most cases, endodontic treatment allows patients to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

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Hi, Could you please tell us the source of this information. Thanks. Jane x

Weston price was I think the first Dr/dentist to realise that something was not right with root canal treatment. His 25 yr studies have since been debunked (usually by the dental profession). I would like someone to point me in the direction of the independent studies that say root canal treatment is safe and does not cause any ill effects (as dentists will have you believe) - cos I will be damned if I can find any!


This article is written by the endodontist foundation. It is like any company food which says that their products are healthy and safety. But the truth may be in between. Any dentist and endodontist would tell you they are not completely sure about the safety of the procedure, but because there are not enough information to prove the contrary, they keep saying that it is safe. Still, there are many out there who say is not safe. So, who to believe?

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The AAE American Association of Endodontists and here is another one from, there are many more as well. The only sites that state the opposite are " alternative sites " for want of a better word.

One common misconception about root canals is that they can have negative effects on overall health, leading to issues like arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease and more. Because of this, many people may be hesitant to see a dentist if they think they might need a root canal from fear that receiving one may have detrimental effects on the rest of their health. However, recent studies have proven this common concern to be illegitimate and that root canals are actually very safe and effective.

Flawed Study

Between 1910 and 1930, a doctor named Weston Price did some research which led him to state that root canal therapy can lead to nearly any type of disease due to bacteria trapped in the teeth during treatment. Though his research is outdated, some dentists and physicians have started claiming that his research is true and that root canal therapy can, in fact, lead to illness.

However, more recent attempts to duplicate Dr. Price’s research have all been unsuccessful. Researchers now believe that the original results may have been caused by poor sanitation and imprecise research techniques that were common at the time of Dr. Price’s study.

No Disease Connection

In addition to this, further research has been done in later years which shows no relationship between root canal therapy and common illnesses. In fact, researchers found that those who have undergone root canal therapy are no more likely to become ill than any other person.

While bacteria are present in the teeth and mouth, it does not necessarily lead to an infection. Bacteria exists even in teeth that have never had a cavity and is therefore not necessarily a threat to overall health.

Root canals are necessary if tooth decay reaches the dental pulp. It is actually more harmful to your health to leave the infection than to get a root canal. Talk to your dentist or endodontist if you have any concerns about the process of root canal therapy or possible side effects. Knowing what to expect may help you feel more comfortable with having such an intimidating procedure performed.


I'm sorry, but I don't accept what you're saying... at all. An infection under/around the tooth will make a person ill in some way or another. I've known a few people who've become very ill after having root canals. Some were admitted to A&E. Perhaps we could question the ability of those who'd carried out the root canals?

I'm surprised by (what I consider to be) your inaccurate information.

Bacteria from the mouth/dentistry can trigger heart attacks, strokes, brain infections, etc. That is why, prior to receiving planned heart surgery, the patient is required to have a panoramic oral scan.


Iv`e recently had root canal, & apart from being a bit uncomfortable & stressful, it did me no harm. I would rather have that than lose a tooth.

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Great. It's your choice.

Any infection in any part of your body can trigger any kind of disease, especially if you are sensitive or genetic predispose to that specific disease. If you have to much problems with your tonsils, your doctor would suggest you to pull them out to don't affect your heart. Why? And, if your immune system doesn't work properly than you can expect the worst. Our body is a perfect complex system which our mind can't understand in its fully. How many symptoms and disease exist and the medical world don't have any explanation of their existence! They can be wrong, I don't blame them. There aren't enough data to say this or that. This is the reason to accept the other or another possibility.

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What about Dr George Meining research which was made close to nowadays. It's interesting to read his book: " Root Canal Cover-up" in this regard.


Speak only of what you Know to be true, not what you Believe to be true.

My Mother died of a heart attack due to the complications of the Root Canal she had. Her Heart Surgeon Specialist said so, so did the attending Physician and her Primary. Amazing.


The articles are not written by me ! they come from Endodontists who specialise in this area.

If the root canal treatment is carried out in a sterile field using a rubber dam and the canal and tooth are properly filled then there is no danger of infection entering through the canal itself.

Infection from periodontal disease ( gingivitis and periodontitis) are far more likely to cause issues with infection as it is present in many patients without them realising, the bacteria becomes trapped in pockets which form around the tooth and eventually the bone is affected and the tooth will become loose.

I have worked in dentistry for many years, root canals are done on a daily basis with no problems and as hairyfairy says the alternative of loosing the tooth is far from ideal particularly as an extraction leaves an open socket for several weeks.

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Yes, I thought you worked in the dental industry, because you're beating the drum and protesting so very loudly on this issue.


Those in the industry will tell you mercury is safe too! You only need to google " bacteria root canal health risks" for tons of research about the evils of root canals. The one that blew my mind was the lady who was in a wheelchair and having had a canalled tooth extracted was able to walk again. It's a well known case.

So, I had my totally asymptomatic root canalled wisdom tooth extracted a few days ago and guess what: there was a nasty infection below it - probably been there all these years, no wonder i have been so ill. I examined the extracted tooth and the filling had penetrated the bottom of the canal and come out the other side - a steady stream of bacteria and mercury straight into my system.

I start next week with mercury removal - the negative effects of mercury, fluoride, etc on the thyroid have been known to me for years but my dentalphobia held me back.

Funnily enough this holistic dentist said to me that despite my teeth being asymptomatic, there was probably an infection under the tooth and sure enough...............


Recent research has shown 4 anerobic bacteria resistant to all modern antibiotics in the miles of microscopics channels in teeth with root canal canal work. I wish I'd kept the link- but they were all named in Latin, & seemed a highly credible bit of research data.

Bad teeth=bad,

Bad root canal work=Badder ! [Hidden toxins]

Teeth out=Ugly, but healthier..


I`m wondering if those people who shout about the dangers of root canal would always choose extraction over the alternatives. Many people have had a number of infected teeth, & have chosen root canal because they don`t want to end up with a mouth full of gaps. Extracting teeth is outdated & unecessary in most cases.

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This is true. But once you develop some diseases you start to wonder and you may end up pulling out your teeth with root canal treatment.

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For those of you who work in the dental industry &/or feel that root canals are good, and that dentists are wise, knowledgeable and factual... you might want to look at a dentist's website.

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I would have chosen extraction at the outset if i'd been asked for my informed consent for the canal - which i was not. Why would you choose to be chronically ill and losing years of your life over an extraction? I'll never get those years back. It's only been about 10 days since extraction and my energy levels are higher than they have been for years.

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Yes, I have to agree. It isn't pleasant or desirable to have teeth extracted. But, given the alternative of prolonged and debilitating illness that affects every facet of one's personal and professional life it, finally, is the only thing to do.

I would have preferred that my previous rubbish dentists, inc harley st, had not done such shite 'work' or 'treatment'- both words are cannot appropriately describe their lack of diligence, competence and care - that resulted in such devastation to health, mouth, comfort and appearance.

What was the nature of your illness? I am searching for answers to a debilitating pain issue I have had for several years. I had one root canal around the time this all started and have been told I need one in another tooth. I am desperately trying to find out what is wrong with me. Doctors keep telling me I am well, wish it were so. The latest is fibromyalgia.... For now I am holding off on root canal and trying to make the most informed decision I can. Went gluten free at the beginning of the month. Running out of ideas...

COULD WE Correspond by email? Or text?

Iv`e had two root canals in my life, & I can honestly say that I haven`t had any ill effects from them.

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I am not sure but My mom had many root canals few years ago and now she is suffering from Breast cancer. But I am not sure if root canal is the cause.

The whole trouble with all this is that if a person is well enough at point A with treatment they will remain in goiod health.

The ability to handle toxins and infections is a variable, not only from day to day but long term.

As we age this ability gets compromised and then anything untoward in our system can take charge,.

Persistent low level challenge can wear down an immune system and that is the root canal case. The recent research on anerobic bacterias in root canals was quite specific and redistant to modern antibiotics as these all work with the aerobic kind as these are more normally encountered.

The Dental business makes a lot of dentists very rich- though of course it's a job not all would do.

Also, this is not to gainsay the good that many do for general health in dental care - but they do mostly dance to the same tune on root canals and the curse of the thyroid, Fluoride!!

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I've had at least 8 root canals done 3 of which are front teeth there is no way I would have chosen to extract them because I won't be able to get implants (simply won't afford them). I also had three molars extracted which was a very unpleasant procedure, and I had gaps for a year which caused me problems in my digestive system because food wasn't chewed properly. I thankfully have bridges now so I can chew. But nothing compares to your own teeth.

I really think that in the thirties things might have been different from now even the materials used. Plus science changes all the time.

Fact , I would happily have all my teeth removed and have new ones implanted if it is all done for free :D

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Hi Bluedaffodil

I was looking into the alternatives of removing an infected tooth or having the root canal in this tooth redone (apiocectomy), and was amazed to see your post. I have suffered many of the same health problems that you mentioned, including on-going neutropenia. It does sound like extraction is the best way!

How are you getting on now?? I'd love to hear about your progress.

Thanks for sharing!

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This conversation about root canals & health reminds me of my mother, who went into hospital & had all her teeth taken out because of gum disease when she was in her mid-thirties. She looked so awful & scary without her dentures, & that made me decide that I would do anything to avoid ending up toothless. That`s why I`d rather have long uncomfortable sessions in the dentisr`s chair having a root canal than have an extraction, & no amount of persuasion is going to convince me otherwise.

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For the past 4 years, my CRP levels have been dangerously elevated. This is an inflammation marker often linked to heart disease. I had a full cardiac workup with scans and all came back clear. The number continues to grow. For the past year and a half, I have been exhausted, gaining weight, moody and my lab work (inflammation related) all comes back elevated. Everything else is normal. I have seen SEVERAL specialists and no one could find the reason/source of the inflammation and symptoms. Over the past 8 months I have gained about 30 pounds and have developed edema (all over my body). I feel terrible.

I have some scar tissue on my ankle from a car accident years ago. I went to see a doctor about removing it through the Graston technique. He saw my edema and was immediately concerned and started asking multiple questions. Keep in mind, I did not go to see him for this. I was telling him the story of my symptoms and my visits to multiple specialists, labs, tests, etc.... He asked if he could run some labs on me and as usual, my inflammation markers were elevated but so were my neutrophils. He told me I had a serious bacterial infection. He asked if I had any root canals. When I told him I had two in the past, he asked me to get a panoramic 3 D x-ray done. Sure enough, one appears to have a serious infection beneath it. The dentist recommends having it extracted. I have been on the fence (due to vanity reasons) but I feel horrible and am willing to try it. We are also working to combat inflammation through my diet and anti-inflammatory supplements. Keep in mind that this doctor gains NOTHING by this diagnosis. My dentist is going to be the one making all of the money off of me. This doctor just simply listened to what I was saying and is actually trying to help me. I am curious to see hear any updates on those who have had health issues related to dental work and if they are doing better after extraction.

I also want to point out, that I have NEVER felt any pain or felt like there was an issue with my root canals to prompt this on my own.

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If you've had a root canal you won't feel anything in the tooth, even if there is a persistent infection.

Exactly. I was referring to earlier posts that said people have had multiple root canals and never had an issue. You might not know something is going on because you can't feel it.

I had an old root canal treated tooth which showed up on one of those fancy 3d xrays (they did it before I had my teeth straightened) as having a shadow under one of the roots. Turns out one of the roots was not removed at the time of the treatment (probably 15-20 years ago) and was infected. It was treated (at great expense I possibly don't need to add) and I was eventually given another of those super-xrays (lots of radiation there) and they saw no change. I was supposed to go back for another xray but appointment got lost in the post or something so I'm waiting for another appointment. It has been something like four years now, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I have Hashi's now (my mum has it too) but I don't read too much into it. So much has happened in 20 years it would be impossible for me to say if my health has suffered due to the root canal or anything else for that matter.

I've heard that there is a theory that lots of us had lots of dental xrays back in the day when you got quite a hit of radiation and that might have something to do with the rise of thyroid problems, which seems a reasonable theory, but at this stage it's too late to worry about it. :-)


What type of doctor evaluated your situation and then advised you to have your root canals scanned for infection?

Also, was it the Neutrophils that indicated the presence of a bacterial infection? I've had raised ESR results for many years, and my recent Homocysteine result was raised too.


My dentist now recommends extraction and implants (if desired) for infected teeth, rather than root canal, which often fails meaning the tooth must be extracted anyway.

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This is where my frustration comes in. My dentist does not recommend extraction, saying that there is a shadow that is likely a small infection but "nothing to be worried about" The specialist dentist that I saw states that I have a huge infection and it should be extracted. Also, the location is close to my sinus cavity and I have been reading a lot about "sick sinus syndrome" which relates tooth/gum infections near the sinus' to serious health issues.

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In my mind, extraction makes sense since the infection can be recurring.

Okay, ronneestar are you frustrated because you're trying to make up your mind which dentist to follow? I think I'm missing something. It seems like you want to have the tooth out.

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Yes, I am frustrated about who I should listen too. Tooth extraction is not something I take lightly, due to pain and expense. I certainly do not want to remove the tooth if it isn't going to make a difference or improve my health issues. However, if it is necessary and will make a difference then I will do it. My health comes above vanity and expense.

I was just wanting input from others who may have been in a similar situation to see if their health issues improved after extraction. Thanks for your input.

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Don't know if this will help at all but I suddenly thought of a different tooth altogether which was treated and then removed. I have teeth which tend to get very deep cracks and then the root gets infected. I had an upper tooth root canal treated (this will be one close to the sinus as yours is) and the remaining shell of tooth cracked in half almost immediately and had to be extracted.

My health deteriorated - Hashi's etc - but I wouldn't presume any causal relationship between this tooth and either the root canal or the extraction. Subsequently my health also improved and I was able to take a series of boot camp style exercise classes and join a gym. I put it all down to the wavering nature of a failing thyroid.

I can say that that cracked tooth - missing roots and all - was really bloody uncomfortable (except when it would get food stuck in it and then it became outright painful) and I was relieved to have it out even though that was also unpleasant. I wouldn't say it was painful, but it's just an unpleasant sensation because of its proximity to the sinus and because of the wrongness of the experience of having a tooth leaned on until it leaves your jaw.

It took eight years to make a decision about what to do with the space, which is not readily visible to anyone but me and my dentist, but did interfere with my ability to chew on one side of my mouth. I've just had an implant with a view to adding a crown once the implant has bedded in and made itself happy in there. The implant surgery was pain free and not unpleasant in any way except for a) the idea of what they were doing and b) the cost.

Hi ronneestar. Sounds like we are both just trying to find answers. I also don't take tooth extraction lightly, but if I knew my health would be restored I would do it in a heartbeat. I just don't know...

Wow - what a trail of awful - I was going to say 'destructive' symptoms and equally, how clear minded and brave to work out and then to go ahead with the dental work needed. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.


Bluedaffodil, I'm curios to see whether your symptoms have gone after you had your tooth extracted.

I had a RT in 2011 and after that I've had digestion problems - gastritis, iron-deficiency anemia, fatigue...I'm not sure if there's a direct link between all these symptoms and my RC. I'm really eager to find if you got any better once you got rid of your tooth.

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hairyfairy - you're just talking about aesthetic nonsense... Anyone can be vain enough to do everything it takes to keep their teeth.. When I was younger I had a problem tooth that was caused by some fancy stupid thick cottony tooth floss that got jammed between the back molars. One of the teeth was heavily damaged from rotting of the material that I couldn't get out...

The tooth was so rotted from the side that they drilled the tooth out and filled with a composite resin (White filling) ...

I got a 600$ blood screening done which tested everything in my body... Pages and Pages of information about my blood from a PATHOLOGIST which would never be done by a doctor.. It explained my Immune function, heavy metals, petrolium based chemicals... Basically everything.. I can list if you ask.

So I got it read by a Naturopath (Not just any Naturopath, a very well traveled and learned one... holder of various PHDs from various fields of Natural Health... One who Had Cancer and beat it!)

She said from the get go that there is massive infection in my body and she said she thinks it is somewhere in my teeth.

Got an OPG done and took it to a Biological Dentist who showed me a big dark lump under the tooth inside the gum/jaw. It was a big cyst... He even guessed it was there for around at least 5... Probably closer to 10 years he said judging by the size of it.

It has been attacking my Lymphatic System, Stomach, Joints, Brain and Skin.. He pinpointed without me even telling him .. The worsening symptoms that I've been having for the past 7+ years.

I am due to get an extraction and surgical removal of the tooth and cyst in less than 2 months...

This thing has been leaking toxins into my body for so long and has caused me chronic anxiety, self image issues, joint problems, digestive problems.. Hemaroids, phantom pains.. Heart has been skipping beats for years, phlegm in throat... Ear infections...

This shit doesn't happen to someone like me who exercises regularly and eats well.. It just doesn't HAPPEN!! But it's been happening to me and it has pretty much ruined my life..

I was able to get up in the morning and function properly till the years following the infection under this tooth... Since then I have nightmares all the time and life is just generally unpleasant and shit just doesn't heal properly...

Root Canals in general can and DO cause the exact same problems as the problem that has come from trying to save a dead tooth.

If the tooth is dead RIP IT OUT. Keep your vanity at bay otherwise you will end up experiencing horrible health issues which no normal doctor will be able to pinpoint the cause.

The amount of ear infections I've had and been on anti biotics for over the years is just beyond acceptable.

The problem has been this rotting tooth.

Stop being fools and thinking that everyone in the health industry is a bunch of saints. They're not. This world is a horrible place and if you think otherwise you obviously haven't paid much attention to the mass murders and dictatorships, gassing and mass graves and consistent mistreatment of people since the beginning of man.

Your tooth is DEAD. rip it OUT. Why would you leave a dead tooth? Your body is designed to expel dead and not needed tissue.. But if you remove the mouths ability to send blood and bacteria back and fourth you end up with a mess that will hide inside the Tubules of the teeth and no amount of anti biotics is going to kill those bacteria in the teeth... and Why?? Because blood doesn't get inside the tooth anymore!!

Screw this crap.

Root canals destroy lives and there is no information ANYWHERE that disproves the problems of Root Canals.. There is just half arsed nonsense about how it's probably safe. Notice how they talk about bacteria and not infection... It's just clever wording that people are conned into falling for..

So I am passionate about this because root canal and teeth problems have caused massive damage to my family, both health and depression and no one will put their hand up and claim they f***ed up.


It's good to read such an active and informative discussion on this issue. As it happens, I just had a molar extracted today. I've suffered decades of worsening physical psychological symptoms, a real smorgasbord that culminated in a devastating breakdown last year.

Without even going into the psych stuff, physically, I've had severe itching, both sudden-onset and protracted illnesses, auto immune breakdowns, severe joint pain, a horrible skin condition all over my back, five colorectal goes on and on.

Late last year after copious research and a million previous inadequate diagnoses I self-diagnosed with mercury poisoning. I had all the requisite dentistry done and started on the Cutler protocol. In the course of the dental work, a periapical lesion was discovered under a failed, asymptomatic root canal tooth. No doubt, as others on this list had said, it had been bad for years. In fact, I started to get a bad itch between my shoulder blades that came out of nowhere about eight years ago - soon after I had the tooth done. This grew into the livid and unsightly rash on my back that I now believe to be a staph infection referred from the infected tooth. My excellent dentist this morning agreed that that might indeed be the case. We'll see. European dentists are evolved, it seems.

Having already spent thousands on dentistry, which wasn't easy to come by, I wavered for a few months, and investigated other options including seeing an epidontic specialist, and having ozone treatment. In the end, I bit down (sorry) on the punitive expense and determined that the way I was going to get rid of the skin condition and joint pain once and for all (and who knows what else) would be to lose the tooth, have the infection scraped out, and get a Zirconium (inert) implant.

It took some deliberation but I'm happy to do this. Some people can have root canals that stay just fine forever, but a high percentage go bad, and I am convinced by anecdotal evidence and my own (previously) inexplicable / incurable symptoms that root canals are high-risk and that my own bad root canal has been responsible for at least some of my more unpleasant symptoms. I will post a follow-up in weeks to come and let you know if anything's changed. In the meantime, I hope your health's holding up OK.

Could you please e-mail me and tell me if your symptoms went away?? ( I got a root canal in 2000... and starting in 2006 i got mysterious undiagnosable symptoms for 2 years.. dizziness, headache, chest pain, fatigure... then 2 years after that I had a 1.5 year round of EXTREME intestinal pain, couldn't digest food well, mucous in stool, and bloating. Now for the past 1+ year I have had severe pain in my feet, joint pain, hair thinning, general overall weakness + misery. I have had every test I could think of: blood tests, endoscopy, echocardiogram, went to a rheumatologist, been treating myself herbally for possible lyme.. Nothing is working. Do you think my tooth could be the problem??? There is a holsitic dentist 3 hours away.. and i'm considering have my tooth pulled and getting a bridge. I'm scared because that will mean no front tooth + 2 filed down creepy teeth for 1-2 weeks while they make the crown.. YIKES. Can't imagine wanting to be social... but really, that is a small price for BIG changes in my health!

I wish we could hear follow from the people who blame bad root canals for all their bad symptoms, and had the offending tooth extracted. I notice in many cases a lot of time went by between the original canal and the onset or exacerbation of symptoms. Development of symptoms such as fatigue, thinning hair, and weight gain can be caused by thyroid slowing or failure, which happens to many people as they age, root canal or not. Other symptoms can be because of aging (menopause, andropause) or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which totally messes up hormone balance and causes many of the symptoms mentioned above. I have had three RCs but only two remain. The third was in a weak bicuspid and eventually it cracked into quarters and the pieces wiggled around. It had to come out and I got an implant. I don't see any difference in my overall health after the extraction.

But I do see a huge improvement in my overall health after being on Bioidentical HRT for the past 7 years. I've had no health problems, not even a cold for over three years. My jaws look good -- panoramics taken for the implant. I think some symptoms mentioned here are due to aging and lack of treatment of vital hormones.

I had a severe onset of gastric symptoms s/p oral surgery - to the point where I thought I had cancer or something-- after months and months of figuring everything out- I found it was actually the antibiotics prescribed to me after my procedure which basically nuked my gut- teamed with the advil I was taking for pain, which erodes the stomach lining even worse when mixed with antibotics. It also caused a major Candida problem. This is probably the case for most of you experiencing terrible gut problems s/p dental work. I have since had some pretty major oral surgery and do not take antibiotics or painkillers and have not had any issues at all :D On a silimar note, I too found out I had celiac disease when I went through all of my issues- I don;t think root canals CAUSE these things, I think we have to get root canals because we already have had celiac disease and just didnt know it- it causes so many tooth and joint problems! Anyway, that's my experience and my theory on it all. Hope it helps some of you! For the record, I changed my diet a year ago to gluten free, no sugar except from fruit, all clean eating and have had SUCH positive results in my gut, skin, teeth, mood! And no inflammation to cause problems i my body in the first place! :)


I found this post because I am experiencing the exact same symptoms, and I do have one root canal. I want to know how was your outcome? Did you really get healed afte r the extraction? What about your energy levels and the thyroid?

Thank you very much,


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Miri, I am new to this site and just trying to find out if my old root canal has any link to the health issues I have been experiencing. What is the nature of your illness?

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in year Dec 2014 , was on medication from 4 tablets cut to 3 tables . Slowly developed alopecia symptom as well .

After one year medication not much improvement . I came across Almagam illness by Andrew hall . I decided to follow the procedure to get my 8 Almagam filling removed in year june 2015 + Mercury detox with supplements.+ regular exercise . After 6 months of taking the supplement blood test result t3,t2 back to normal . Somehow tSh still at very low reading . I decided to remove my root canal teeth on Dec 2015 . The root canal treatment was done in year 2011. I have also stop the supplement intake and stop the Mercury detox completely .

I did my tyroid function text yesterday (Feb 2016) the result was completely back to normal .

Alopecia patches hair slowly grow back still monitoring if any new patch appear as for now .

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Hi ROOxxy,

May I ask where you had the debtal work done and what level of precautions were taken? 🤕

Well done and I hope you are in good health now.I live in Ireland and I need a root canal removed could you please pass on to me the name and address of where you got your dental work done ind Regards Teresa Cahill

I just thought it was me going mad, most of the symptoms that you are describing I have suffered with for ages. I have kept very fit al my life and I cant understand why I feel this way-I do now. I have visited the doctor loads of times over the past 3 years and he couldn't put his finger on it-sent me to specialist and still no answer.

Had a infected lymph gland removed from under my arm- I am sure it is linked to my root canals. I have just head one of the root canals re-done so I hope it sorts itself out and I begin to feel better.


I had my first root canal at 8 that lasted 30 years with a mouth full of amalgam fillings. It failed 2 years after an X-ray showed infection but the clinic failed to reach me and it fell through the cracks despite biannual cleaning. When the pain came out of nowhere on a Friday night, I was hosed. There's no after hours weekend or emergency room for dental emergencies like this. Not even for established patients. The pain was beyond a 10 and by 7am Monday morning the adjacent healthy tooth was a goner. Out came the 30 year failed root canal and in went the new along with a bridge to replace the missing front tooth. The problems began within weeks. Halitosis from hell despite 6 daily brushings and professional cleanings twice a year and glowing dental check-ups! Sinusitis and sinus infections out of the blue every few weeks. And achy pains that migrate. Hard pill to swallow after years of athletic exercise and excellent health. But I'm hearing the theme all over the internet about root canals and Mercury and galvanism. It appears to have caused my tipping point.

Any updates? I'm worried about my root canal n need to make decision

Looking for advice I have been ill for weeks then large very sore gland came up in my neck which I had antibiotics for, it turns out that I have a broken root canal filling that is causing infection in my sinus, I have to wait at least 4 weeks to have the tooth out in hospital because of the infection, the dentist isn't giving me antibiotis and I can't get to speak to him and cant get past the receptionist at the drs because they say its dental, every muscle and joint in my body is aching and I feel sick any advice please ?

Hi, you might want to post your comment on a new thread as you'll have more chance of people seeing it and responding. Hope you get some answers. It's not an area I know much about.

I have done thank you


Please let us know how your health is doing?

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