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Dealing with Hashimoto's and 7 Root Canals

I'm new and didn't see a community for Hashimoto's, but I'm sure I'm not alone. I'm 67 and now have a ND who thinks the main cause of my high thyroid auto-antibodies are from all my 7 root canals plus 4 cavitations (holes in jaws) from improperly extracted wisdom teeth. These sites harbor huge bacterial infections (though it can't be felt except chronic sinus symptoms) and overwhelm my immune system. See: )

As I have begun my journey of extractions, it has been scary because my antibody numbers have gone up instead of down. The doctor says it is because we are stirring up the bacteria from the dental extraction sites which the body now has to deal with in addition to what it was already dealing with. But I am told that over time my immune system will get stronger as I get rid of the source of infections via extraction of root canal teeth and properly cleaning the infected jaw cavitations. Only biological dentists do this-they are concerned with the whole body, not just the teeth.

Is there anyone else with a similar experience? I feel like the Lone Ranger. I would love to hear from anyone with a similar experience. Thanks!

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I had problems with my teeth when i was on levothyroxine... Never had a filling then suddenly needed 4 and one tooth removed... That being said I had undiagnosed vit D deficiency too


Will you replace with implants?



Welcome to our forum and sorry hear of your health issues. There are many Hashi sufferers on the forum and I am one myself.

I had a post nasal drip and elevated thyroid antibodies that wouldn't reduce and so had all amalgam removed last year. I haven't retested antibodies yet as have been feeling well with thyroid meds working better, post nasal drip gone and so assume antibodies have reduced but will test when I next do TFT's.

I added T3 to my T4 around the same time so can not be sure if my wellness is the result of optimal meds or mercury removal but I suspect a combination of both.

I haven't heard of "Dental cavitation infections" without any heat, pain or swelling at sites of infection but your link says this condition can exist as painless & silent, and a compromised immune system allows all sorts of unusual goings on..

I think any surgery stirs up Hashimotos as lymphocytes (white blood cells) & cytokines (protein messengers) will rush to the site of inflammation.

Have you tried the proactive approaches that "Healing Teeth Naturally" recommend before submitting to surgery ? ? ... Optimal nutrients, healthy diet, etc. ? ? I was recommended the oil pulling but never got around to it.

If you are healing your body naturally you may be interested in the link below that explains what stimulating and modulating supplements, foods and herbs have on the cytokines and help strengthen the immune system..

I hope you feel better soon.


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Here's a link to a free online summit. Some of the interviews will be about the mouth -

Have you tested your Vit D? Try to keep your Vit D optimal. And lots of Vit C. And selenium 200mcg.


Hi Vldoud,

Are you in the UK? I am in Hampshire, uk and would love to know if you found an exceptional dentist in UK, as I'm looking for one, near me, that can perform miracles:-)

I have a mouth full of metal crowns and implants and a life-time of dental misery - due to childhood dental neglect.

4 years ago I had implants on the bottom jaw and have had nothing but trouble since. I do not recommend the "All on 4" procedure , especially if you have osteoporosis, as I have.

My jaw is sore and hurts and gums have disappeared as they didn't seem to like sitting around the implants.

I don't know where to turn next.

Following the extensive, traumatic dental treatment (everything that possible could, went wrong) I have had cfs, adrenal exhaustion, psoriosis and hypo thyroid. They may have been lurking before, but all crashed after the dental treatments.

But in truth, my dental miseries have been worse than all those four added together.

Sounds like you have found a dentist who knows what he is doing - they are few and far between. and I hope your treatment goes well for you



Wow-hang in there! I am in the US. If you can fly here, there are excellent Biological dentists here, but not very many of them.

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I know of an amazing dentist in London but he is private. Any use?


What do you mean by private? Regular dentists do not have much training in knowing the connection between the health of the teeth and the whole body. Look for a biological dentist. They often work with a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor who can help with priorities of treatment, proper compositions of materials used on your mouth, etc.


Private, you have to pay so not NHS


Yes, please I'd like to know his name to check him out.

I am way beyond NHS dental help and beyond the majority of private ones as well.

Thanks Katepots


Glenn Tollett

St John's wood

If he cant(which he can) he'll know a man who can.

He's incredibly gentle and clever.

Good luck.


Thank Katepots; I wish my adrenals were stronger so I could face it now; but I'm doing my 'homework' better this time, and currently checking out several names, so I don't go through the trauma of another butcher.

I wish I was ready to face the extra stress of dental appointments, but as I've improved enough to cope with day to day stuff, I must be grateful for slow progress..


Yes I'm currently going through a bad patch. I had a ct misread and basically was told I had Alzheimer's and micro vascular disease, turned out there was nothing wrong! The stress of it though has caused a massive auto immune reaction.idiots!

I can hand on heart say that Glenn is amazing, he would assess you anyway and the people he then knows if you need more comprehensive work are the best in their fields.

He is incredibly kind and gentle.

My husband, son and daughter have all seen him and his colleagues. My mum who was mugged badly and needed implants went to see a colleague of his. All amazing. Mum was in a bad way and they did wonders with her


What a dreadful (typical NHS) experience for you; even thou' it must have been a relief to hear you were ok - damage had been done! - 'they' wouldn't understand that of course.

My husband had a brain CT scan last week, and we are awaiting the results. His mother & g.mother both had alzheimers so we're not looking forward to them.

The dentist you recommend sounds lovely, & his colleagues. I will be looking him up to see if he can cope with me!!

I've just looked at some of your previous posts...

I started Erfa last July. Some while after, I got itchy patches - some red & some flaky layers of skin, peeling off. GP said it was psoriasis; it's mostly on hands, eyelids, side of mouth, & ankles.

Then I noticed your recent Thyroid test - some results being v. similar to mine, 2 weeks ago; same ranges as yours. (T3 low & RT3 high - although in range)

Your T4 - 16.9; T3 - 3.4; RT3 - 23.0

My T4 - 12.6; T3 - 3.53; RT3 - 22.0

They didn't send me a RATIO result, so I've just emailed them for it; I worked my Ratio out about 10ish (not sure if I did it right). I also have been wondering about getting T3 only or trying a different NDT but feel overwhelmed by it all!



Yes I thought I had it all sorted that NDT was the answer and now too feel overwhelmed again. Poor you and your husband, I'll cross everything for you. Very scary. Hopefully with it bring the females in his family he'll be ok.

So you're Hashimotos too then, horrid. Are you gluton free?

I'll keep you posted on the Thiroyd S I've just ordered, much cheaper than Erfa too. I've read some good results.

Good luck!


My anti-bodies are not over range, so I'm just hypo T.

I was gluten free for some months; however at a family funeral today I 'glutened' myself (could not resist temptation) and am now getting horribly clogged up nasally.

I don't know whether to try a different NDT or a T3 only to reduce RT3 - but I'm seeing a private doc in 10 days and may ask his opinion and prices first as my GPs not in the least bit interested.


No damn GP's!

I had a boozy weekend, hasn't helped, haha

Good luck with private doc.


There are interviews and talks on the Internet about teeth, extractions, oral infections, root canals, etc by Dr Thomas Levy (cardiologist?), Dr Stuart Nunnally (dentist) and others. You'll find some on YouTube and, probably, Vimeo too.

I recently had initial consultations/examinations with three UK dentists and was unhappy to find that still, today, in 2016, they ALL say that illness &/or respiratory infections from oral/gum/tooth problems and infections is "very rare" and seldom, if ever, happens. In fact, they look at me (the patient/client) as if I've landed from Mars when I say or suggest such a thing. I've read the documents. I've listened to podcasts and interviews from experts in this field. So who are these idiots who still, to this day, deny such things?

It is said that great wealth doesn't make us happy. But I can tell you that, with great wealth, I'd have flown off years ago and had my oral/dental issues sorted out by someone who knows what they're flippin' talking about. British dentists are way behind - years and decades behind the most progressive practitioners elsewhere. Even those, in Britain, who like to call themselves "holistic" or "wholistic" or "biological" or whatever, are supremely ignorant in these matters. 🤓

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I had a marvelous dentist at one time, but struggled to afford treatment even when I was working. Now I am retired it's out of the question. Because of horrendous dental treatment in the past I am a dentalphobe. In part this was because I never anaesthetised properly and was told I was imagining it, it was psychosomatic, etc until I went to the aforementioned dentist. My sister and my 2 nieces didn't respond well to dental anaesthetic but I had been told for so many years that it was all in my head I didn't realise I was affected as well until this lovely man told me. I was over 50 before I had pain free dental treatment. Reading these posts switched on a light, so many of these things apply to me.



Vit C reduces efficacy of anaesthetic, so you'd need more anaesthetic if Vit C's been taken.


Yes, I do know that, thanks. The dentist always says to stop that before surgery.


Certainly food for thought for me 70 had sinus problems many years will have a look into that! Do you have open cavities or do you mean under the healed lumps where teeth were?


I wasn't referring to cavities. If you are referring to the 4 sites (cavitations) where then wisdom teeth were removed, then those sites didn't heal right because the oral surgeon (when I was 20) did not remove the peripheral artery so the body thought the tooth "was still there" so it didn't send the information to heal the bone properly...what then happens is a spider web like bone (denuded osteoporotic bone) where bacteria likes to thrive over the years and which the body can't get rid of except by removing it by surgery...all this overwhelming bacteria from these sites plus the infection from the 7 root canals has also migrated to my sinuses where there is always an infection that never heals. I can't see or feel any of these jawbone infections, but I certainly feel the sinuses with constant's not as painful as it used to be though with use of 3x/day homeopathic remedies that keep it somewhat drained. I hope this helps you, though we are all different. I am in the US, Washington State.


I have a mouth full of dental work because I grew up without the benefit of flouride toothpaste, also i had parents who let me eat sweets as much as I wanted. There was also a genetic issue because my mother`s teeth were so bad that she had to have them all extracted in her mid 30`s.


Good for you for looking at alternative ways and getting rid of hashimotos once and for all..possibly.


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