Another auto immune

Hi all following on from my last post I am now having my liver investigated as a lump has been identified following a scan after high blood results I have already had numourous bloods taken and I am now waiting for a CT abdomen due to the inflammation they are not ruling out that this could be another auto immune problem running alongside my Hashimoto.cant believe how much my tide has changed in the last 7 months x

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I am sorry you have further problems and hope scan is fine. If we have one autoimmune condition we are apt to get more. I don't know the reason for this. I have three autoimmune conditions and hope I don't get more.

I also hope your OK, it sounds quite worrying. Hope it all comes back fine. Good luck

Thanks at least I know I'm not alone x

Yes, I also have liver and lung problems along with Hashis. (Had a chest CT scan yesterday). In the past I've had reactive arthritis, pericarditis and endometriosis. As my GP says, being autoimmune just isn't fair, but at least you know you are not alone. Xx

Is this lump an autoimmune response - are you gluten intolerant

and do you have any deficiencies in your diet such as zinc vitamins and minerals? Is there any fluoride in your water supply, or other chemicals such as lead and arsencic by products of fluoride.

If you look at posts concerning gluten intolerance you can see the effect on your digestion. Folic acid deficiency can cause problems with blood. B12 and folic acid are recommended to boost energy.

However a you have liver problems you might have to take B12

in bioactive form - in drops vegensafe . Interferon and laetril are used for treatment to boost the autoimmune system. The new generation of bio drugs which target cells without harming surrounding tissue are not available - with cuts in research we are coming to a standstill of drugs that work for the millenium years.

Flax oil half a teaspoon taken with cottage cheese is said to

help prevent and help some types of cancer. It is used in the USA

based probably on earlier research by a German who invented the food formula. Water filters might be helpful as are water distillers

which remove both chemicals and fluoride from the water supply.

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