Developed gum abscess overnight despite being an ciproxyl, nausea and chills


I'm in the process of dental treatment - removal of mercury filllings. about 3 weeks ago was prescribed amoxy when had root canal extracted as I have neutropaenia and several auto immune diseases

The amoxy gave me bad thrush which developed into UTI. Tried fluconazole which didnt work. Also cannesten which only worked 2nd time. Then was given something starting with N for UT which didnt work. Several weeks later still had UTI so took ciproxyl which knocked it on the head. Today was meant to be last dose but have work with painful abscess in mouth

All these tabs have really upset my gut (have coeliac, pernicious anaemia, etc) and i cannot believe this has happened while on ciproxyl. It's so bad it's woken me in the early hours.

What do i do? I cannot contact gp (useless) or dentist till Mon when in fact i was due a dental appt anyway.

Can i take amoxy with ciproxyl? Cannot bear the thought as i'll get thrush again for sure

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  • Hi you could try emergency dentist there will be one open weekends.

  • Hi If you phone your normal dentist number, there will be an emergency number on their phone, or if not on the door.

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  • Is it where you had the tooth extracted ? it could be a piece of retained root or a dry socket ( infection of the socket)but that would usually happen fairly soon after extraction, if it is a dry socket it needs treating. If this is on a tooth where you have recently had a deep filling replaced then it may be that the nerve has been affected in which case you will need either the filling taken out and dressed to see if it settles, root canal or extraction. The problem of replacing large fillings is that you risk upsetting the nerves in the teeth or fracturing the walls of the tooth so leading to more difficult treatment or possibly extractions. Your dentist should provide an emergency service but it will likely be expensive.

  • I did ring the dentist i have been using (holistic, private) and there was NO emergency number given. Great.

    I would never go near an nhs dentist again as i need to avoid fluoride and all the other crap they use.

    It's not on the extraction site but sort of in the cheek - I always get one in the exact same spot about once a year.

    Ended up going to A and E as i have chronic neutropaenia hence compromised immune system. Not particularly helpful as expected. Given 4th kind of antibiotic.

    I may not take it and just rinse with salt water and see what happens. The antibiotics are causing more problems than anything else

  • There are both good and bad dentists be they nhs, holistic or private, they all use much the same crap as you put it, just some charge more for it !

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