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Chronic fatigue and brain fog disappearing fast since i had asymptomatic root canal extracted

It's pretty amazing, i noticed a difference within days and a month later, i have not had brain fog once (used to get it daily). I have loads more energy - I am doing double what i had been able to do in terms of daily activity.

Cannot wait to get my life back completely.

So glad i had the sense to read up on the health risks of root canals.

I'm 3/4 through getting my mercury fillings removed and that's helping too.

To others thinking of doing the same, please make sure you select a reputable holistic dentist who uses the proper mercury protocols.

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Bluedaff, WHAT GREAT news, I am so happy you are feeling a bit better, really really am.

tell me, what did you put in place of the root canal? did you have to have everything out and be left with no tooth there? (ie no crown?), only asking as I have 2 crowns with root canals and they are in a place where I don't particularly want to have a gap and have no money to do much and do not want a removable denture yet if I can avoid it.... :D

and to be honest I am quite well compared to many others and can work with no big problem



That is good news! Sounds as though you're almost there to becoming a new 'you' with improved energy levels.

Having my consultation this Wednesday and have no doubt that this is the way to go for me, provided Dentist agrees obviously.

Funnily enough, I've been talking to a few people of a similar age to myself and the consensus is that years ago dentists used to fill unnecessarily. All to do with money obviously and, my goodness, did they make a fortune by filling every single tooth of mine!

Please keep us updated.


Dear Both

As of yesterday, i am finally MERCURY FREE. I cannot believe i did it with my phobia. I have wanted to do it since 2008. Yesterday was by far the worst, 2.5 gruelling hours. Despite being on oxazepam, i started shaking like a leaf - had no control over it - and hyperventilating, and crying like a fool. This has been a difficult road - due my neutropaenia i was given antibiotics when i had the extraction - it just led to loads of infections through killing good bacteria, thrush, UTI - which failed to respond to 3 antibiotics. Then a mouth abscess. So i've had 4 antibiotics in a month, not good for the system in general.

Anyhow i got there in the end.

To answer questions: i had the root canaled tooth extracted and nothing in its place - it was a wisdom tooth.

The most noticeable difference to my health was extraction of the root canal, though i am confident the mercury removal will help also. I am on the exercise regime i was doing 4 years ago but then had to reduce due to CF and muscle weakness. My quality of sleep is better too. I hope i am free of the curse of CF and brain fog forever.

I'm now using 200mg selenium daily and injecting with Vit c every other day for chelation.

I ended up in A and E last weekend- long story - and they did some blood tests: my neutrophils, although still out of range, where higher than ever before :-)

I'm looking forward to testing my thyroid levels in the next couple of weeks to see what's going on there. I read that mercury affects conversion of T4 to T3

Good luck Cinnamon

NBD - it's great your canals are not bothering you as such. I'm sorry they're in a place you need teeth. With wisdom teeth it obviously doesn't matter if you lose them


Hi Blue Daffodil,

I experienced a molar tooth abscess a couple years ago. I am now 46. Prior to it being discovered, I started having headaches, stomach ulcers, brain fog, chronic fatigue, severe sinusitis to the point that I could hardly breath, and problems with my eyes - floaters galore. Once the abscess was discovered, I had a root canal done. Things have not improved at all. In fact, I feel even more brain fog and fatigue.

Before all this began 4 or 5 years ago, I was in excellent physical condition. I still exercise regularly (run 35 miles a week), and eat healthy all the time. I can't help but think that this tooth has been the source of all my woes. No amount of rest, exercise, and healthy living is helping me to get better.

I am starting to come to the conclusion that I need to follow in your footsteps and have this tooth pulled. Unfortunately, mine is not a wisdom tooth. It's in the top right middle. I will have a gap.

My endodontist did perform an x-ray recently and did not see any infection. He said the tooth looked great. My ENT doctor also performed a CT scan on my sinus cavity and did not see any infection. He also performed a culture of my sinus and it came back negative. Regardless, I feel miserable. My eyes and my brain feel inflamed all the time. My mental acuity and ability to concentrate are gone. I have to do a nasal flush twice a day and take strong nasal steroid / decongestants to be able to breath through my nose. I am really hoping that pulling the tooth will help restore my health.

Thanks for the tips.



Can you tell me what the outcome of your case has been? I have very similar symptoms and am desperate for a solution.

Thank you in advance,



I had a root canal done 20 years ago in my 20s. It became infected (abscess) and the dentist re-did the root canal even deeper. I am a former athlete, but for the last 15 years I have had an inordinate string of chronic health issues ( high blood presume, gall stones, eczema, blepharitis on my eyelids, teary eyes, paralyzed vocal cord, frequent urination, hair loss, heart palpitations, severe nosebleeds, bleeding hemorrhoids, forgetfulness or foggy brain, etc). The only common denominators after years of numerous doctor visits is every single issue I’ve had are labeled “ no known cause.” Well the aforementioned root canal became infected again recently and today that sucker was yanked out. I am almost 50 now and am hopeful many of my issues wil now resolve. My mercury fillings may be next. Good luck to everyone seeking answers to their health issues that doctors cannot cure, as they only prescribe pills and creams to deal with the symptoms.


How do you feel after a month Lozaman? I've been dealing with similar things for 10 years (in my 40s) and have come to a conclusion that old root canals and mercury fillings are the cause of it. How are you doing? Do you notice an improvement over past things you've been living with?


It would be great to here about how these patients outcomes were but they never seem to respond to tell us. I wonder if it is because they did not get their expected outcome.


maybe they're too busy living they're new lives after their issues to come back. ha. I'm optimistic.


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