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Dental work and reaction - not in my mind after all!

Have had some horrid shakes, visual disturbance, overheating etc this morning - I was trying to valet the car - a mini - so we can fit in it to go coast path walking in about 10 days ( how stupid am I?) THESE were worse symptoms than I've had since I dropped T4.

I wobbled back indoors to do temp tests and blood pressure etc to find pressures between average and high for me, but in range - pulse very high 108 and temp only 36.4. I was due a T3 dose half an hour later.

The only change has been THE DENTIST and his horrid "something-with-a-long-name" which he used to deaden a dying nerve yesterday - without my fully understanding what he had proposed ! I was feeling too faint at the time even lying down to say more than "don't use sulphonamides as I'm very allergic to them".

I have been back to see him this afternoon and to cancel root canal treatment next week as I need to let reaction calm down. He assured me that there were no sulphonamides in the meds and that only very few folk react to the first anaesthetic and then for only a few minutes. He agreed to let symptoms calm down and to delay root canal work until May ( after he retires).

Thus I have had to change to another dentist in the practice whose nurse was at the desk listening. "Ah" she says "there's adrenaline in the first anaesthetic med but no sulphonamides".

Hurrah that's the answer then - adrenaline reaction which doesn't just subside as the dentist thinks - well I dont think it will with adrenal fatigue ! It also explains why I felt better after a top up of Nutri Adrenal plus my T3 dose.

Seems my T3 dose isn't too much then as I would have expected high bp and temps to follow. The compromised adrenals after kidney surgery - surface again with auto immune factors too. Apparently they can give anaesthetic without adrenaline so shall try that in May.

In the meantime could stick to porridge and soup. Slurp.

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Before l was diagnosed l started to react to the injections at the dentist. Maybe something else to add to the list!!


I have a problem with the anaesthetic too. I get very light-headed. I understood that was the adrenaline too. I would ask for the adrenaline-free one but apparently bleeding can be a bit of a problem in a few people and as I am already very proficient at bleeding I think I'll just arrange someone to come with me when I have dental work :)

Glad you found out what it was though. Must have been quite frightening!

Carolyn x


Yep I too reacted to adrenaline based anaesthetic at the dentist quite a few years back.......came over all dizzy and very disoriented.....the dental nurse put the chair flat immediately and I started to feel better.

My notes now state 'NO ADRENALINE'

Dentists seem to know a little more than doctors me thinks LOL!!!!!!


Many hypo patients have problems with dental anaesthetics.

The one I use and have no problems with is Citanest Octapressin and the dentist keeps a supply for me. Even immediately before he injects I always ask him to confirm as I have severe problems with any other since before I was diagnosed hypo. My heart doesn't even rise one beat.


I have had extensive dental work and the anaesthetic used to make me feel terrible for about a day. But then I started taking a dose of hc. 5 mcg before I go and the same after, and dental work is so much better. In fact iM ok the same day.

I did have adrenal fatigue but have been fine and on no adrenal meds for the past couple of years, ( except for visiting the dentist.)



i had exactly this experience. I am very interested in these posts as every dentist seems to think i am very unusual, and here are a lot of people proving i am not! My problems started with lignocaine, and Eventually, one time, my heart did not slow down for 3 weeks, just gradually easing off. It led to my being advised never to use adrenalin or artificial adrenalin at the dentist. A nurse later forgot the instruction of the dentist, and i passed out.

Later i went to a dental hospital which used Citanest Plain and all was fine again. then, recently, i was not at a dental hospital and found the difficulty is finding a dentist stocking this. The options were that mentioned above, with octopressin, which i had used before - much better than the lignocaine, but leaving me feeling not well for days. For me, the adrenaline is only one factor. Only Citanest plain seems to work well, with few side effects. I had never linked this with hypothyroid disease, as my problem started when i had not yet been diagnosed, (I had 2 other autoimmune diseases and had had, for years, a problem with post herpetic neuralgia and exhaustion which would not go (maybe this was the beginning of hypothyroid disease? but i was not diagnosed for years).


I was advised by my doctor to tell the dentist not to use adrenaline base anaesthetic, too.


I too had a reaction to the local anaesthetic at the dentist. I had never had this happen before although I have been hypo for many years ( I don't see and endo and only take thyroxine). It was only because I happened to read an article about someone and linked my symptoms to theirs that I was able to ask for adrenalin free the next time - luckily my dentist is very understanding. Does this reaction only apply to dental anaesthetic? I am due to have surgery soon and the Dr said that I couldn't be allergic to adrenalin, that it must be due to the injection being given incorrectly.


Hi jmanda

My original dentist said I could only react for a few minutes to adrenaline - pity he's retiring really as he could have learnt from us.

Re surgery : I had on my notes that I am very sick after anaesthetic - it happened after sinus surgery years ago - result is they used a different less sickening one on me for kidney surgery - I don't know how this formula is different but certainly less side effects. Worth requesting a good long chat with your anaesthetist.

I think the adrenaline can have longer effects if the adrenals are not functioning as they should causing them to go into overdrive ( or may be even underdrive) or the thyroid becomes more suppressed.

Good luck hope this post might help raise awareness.

Sarah X


Many thanks for all super replies ! I now have notes to pass to the new with anaesthetic names too ! Or I might just cut and paste comments above for the new tooth man. Feeling much better this am after over 12 hours sleep !

I know sulphonamides are also an issue for me according to Dr P they inhibit thyroid action. These were used in meds for treating packing anaesthetising pre root canal work so could well still be out there in some surgeries. So watch out for these and adrenaline.

What a super site this is - thanks to all those who work to keep it going. X


Another one to watch out for with dental work is exposure to mercury.

I had my amalgam fillings removed some years ago by a dentist specialising in this work. Despite his using the normal equipment to prevent my breathing in fumes both sessions left me quite ill with flu like symptoms for several days. I had a temperature for a couple of days after the first.

Not sure what may have been going on as I seem to have adrenal issues too - so it could have been a reaction to the anaesthetic.

Mercury too though messes with metabolic processes, so it could be perhaps be that that was the cause.

Just for info....



thanks Ian - he was removing an old filling so may have played a part - always good to note all factors ! :-)


When the filling was removed did you have a rubber dam in your mouth to stop the mercury being swallowed and fumes inhaled less?

I am due to have my dental amalgams replaced soon and the private dr is adamant that I should be in as good health as possible. Think he says to take extra magnesium before and after and drink lots of water!? Check out the Internet for advice - I can't remember the name of the organisation it's something like society for dental free amalgams.

Your situation sounds really scary, so I hope you fell better soon.



Thanks Mary - no dam used except under my breath maybe and with an "n" on the end - Am not sure if it was a mercury filling to be fair - am really pleased to have a couple of weeks before the next appt to clue myself and them up on best treatment. The new nurse seemed to be more on the ball than the one before (and wore a lot less makeup) said she would take full med details before they started. Weird when they're in the same practice in't it.


My guy so far as I know used a dam and all the usual....



will check this out too :-)


Yes! I eventually found a dentist who told me it was possible to be affected by the injection and that it had adrenalin in it and there was an alternative. Up till then I'd been having small fillings without pain relief I felt so bad after the injection. Was beginning to think about the connection with adrenals and then saw this blog.


Thanks Suez sounds as though I'm on the right track then - am writing down med history for new man - seeing him in May to finish treatment - :-)


Yes, I'm another one who doesn't do well with dental work. Hypothyroid and knocks the system out. Glad I'm not the only one!

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Very helpful post! Had an old cavity that leaked and another new one - rare as I haven't had ones in many years. Anyways, felt disoriented and dizzy after. Next day I felt awful getting up - very exhausted. Note: Hx insomnia and have been having some GI issues. Anyways, I was extremely irritable day after -- odd for me. Tired. I do have depressed adrenals, low thyroid, hormonal imbalance, Chronic Lyme disease. Procedure was Wednesday afternoon. Friday saw a few patients doing alright during apts yet before and after tired. Ate Indian food that night GI Isd is worsened but the fatigue knocked me off my feet entire weekend. Hot flashes to some degree. Lots of changes variables here as mentioned in addition to cavitiy work. I did D/C Trazadone after taking 9 days as I had thought it provoked my extreme irritability day after procedure, yet uncertain.

I appreciate what you all shared. And any additional tips. I do sense a wee bit of throbbing in my mouth in area worked on today - Sunday.

I can see dentist being odd inme asking about anesthetic but I will since looks like I may need to go back in. Didn't think there should be any irritation where fillings are, ,correct? It's not major yet noticing something.

Sunny Blessings from TX!


Useful to see all these comments after searching. Had dental anaesthetic this morning and have repeatedly been dropping asleep and feeling groggy ever since.


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