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Is 1 1/2 grains of Armour enough?

I started on Armour three weeks ago gradually building up to 1 1/2 grains. Before that I was on 100mcg of Levo and still had symptoms. My Vit D and iron are in range although still towards bottom. I feel MUCH better on Armour though am beginning to feel tired again and am getting dry lips, mouth and eyes again. How much Armour is 'normal'? Should I increase my dose again?

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I was on 125mcg levothyroxine and not right at all. I am now on 4.5 grains of NDT and nearly there.

Why are you only on 1.5 grains? Are you going on blood tests or the levo/armour conversion chart? The conversion charts are wildly inaccurate as these are two entirely different medications.

If you are starting to get symptoms again you probably need to increase your dose again.

Are you treating your iron and vitamin D? This is extremely important otherwise you may find you can't increase to the dose you need without getting side-effects.

I hope that helps a little :)

Carolyn x


Thanks Am on 1 1/2 based on conversions from Levo to Armour (but I wasn't well on 100mcg Levo). I've increased myself to 2 grains. Am OK though not quite there especially weight . Seeing Endo next week and hope to go up again. Am treating vit d and iron.


I found 4 grains in winter, 3.5 in summer - was enough


3 grains seems to be the recommended amount.


This is a link with some good info:-


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