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Dropped from 2 grains of armour to somewhere between 1.5/1.75 grains but feeling fab now!!!!!

Hi Guys, as the title says, I am feeling so much better after dropping back a little on the armour! Just hitting 8 weeks and I haven't felt this good in a long while!!! I am taking a low dose of nutri adrenal as of last week to aid adrenals in case this was the problem with raising armour fail, but to be honest I am not feeling bad at all at this level. Waiting game I know, and will probably see loads more changes , but wanted to report back on the positives, and say thanks xx

p.s. uncertain as to exact armour level below 2 grains because its hard to cut this stuff into accurate quarters as some of it crumbles.

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Hi Good. You can get half grains armour, but works out more expensive. Without tests , it is sometimes impossible to tell between Hypo and Hyper as sometimes same symptoms, so probably why you feel better. You may find in time, may be years, you will nee to increase slightly, thyroid does not stay the same for ever!

Best wishes,



I looked at the half grain dose when ordering, but as you say, it made more sense financially to buy 1 grain tabs. Will watch and wait Jackie. Thanks x


That's very good news - we all have different requirements with regard to doses and it is trial and error. I think it is o.k. to judge when you cut the tablet.


Thanks Shaws, I get as close as I can with the pill cutter, but the darn stuff crumbles, not far out I shouldn't think :-) found scissors cut the tablet better, but really fiddly, stops the crumbling though !


I am taking currently 1.75gr of NDT too.. in the past I have been as high a 2.5 but after changing other drugs I was on, and had a thyroiditis I became very hyper and had to cut it significantly and work back up. Since it settled I have needed less than before, maybe my thyroid is working a bit more than it was before the thyroiditis kicked it into action!?

Cutting is a pain, but it's not *that* crucial, as long as you don't cut large numbers of tablets up in one time, and cut them as you need them so that you are really not taking too much more or less than you think. After all, the only immediate action part of it is the T3 component, the T4 is very long acting.

Currently I take 3/4 in the morning, half in the afternoon and half at bedtime, although in the past I was taking the larger dose at bedtime. This seems to produce the most level heart rate for me and least ups and downs.


Never thought of cutting into three doses, makes it easier than quartering :-) I thought I was fine when I hit 2 grains, but within a week I felt really weak like when you are about to start with flu, not visibly shaking, but it felt like it on the inside. Also pulse reached 94, and pre armour I was about 70, settling to around 80 now. Good point re the cutting, I had previously done several days dose, but if you cut as you go, you see which parts belong to the rest of your dose and so it's more accurate.

Thanks for the advice :-)


So glad to hear that you are feeling better :) xxx


Thanks Clare x xx


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