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Fascinating article by a Doctor in 1897

Fascinating article by a Doctor in 1897

I am so worried about my daughter. She is aged 20 now and probably weighs around 20 stone. She is 5'3" tall, and stopped growing when she was around 13.

Having done the rounds with thyroid function tests, we managed to get her a referral to an endocrinologist today. We took with us a list of her symptoms (puffy eyes, yellowish tinge to skin in places, dry skin, lack of concentration, difficulty sleeping, feeling tired all the time, muscle weakness....and the list goes on!!). We also explained family history - my thyroid was removed due to a multinodular goitre after I had suffered for over 20 years with hypothyroid symptoms; my mother had the same problem but hers had turned cancerous; grandparents on both sides were underactive thyroid sufferers etc.

I explained that blood tests throughout my life had shown adequate thyroid function, although I felt that I had suffered hypothyroidism since I was around 20.

Anyway...the upshot of the meeting with the endo was that he will do some blood tests. At least we have managed to get him to do a T3 as well as T4 and TSH. Also a test for antibodies. He'll write to us with results apparently, but I got the distinct feeling that he considers that he won't have to see us again.

Somebody else that just won't listen!!

Anyway, thought I'd have a look on the internet with regards hypothyroidism in children, and came across the following article:

I found it absolutely fascinating....and it would appear that Doctors back then knew how to assess symptoms and treat them.

Isn't it a shame that blood tests have replaced sound and vision!

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Thanks - it is often very interesting to read some of the early articles like that one.



Interesting article thanks. A lot of doctors do seem to have lost the art of diagnosing properly by signs and symptoms. Good luck with the endo and your daughters tests xx


Yes they have lost the art of diagnosing. Don't think they have to any more:

over 70...tick box as it's age....50ish...tick box it's menapause...30's...tick box it's all in the mind etc etc. Blood test normal..tick box..doesn't matter that you are crawling up the wall with symptoms.

I worked for a doctor for 20 years in Jersey, C.I., her bedside manner was atrocious but the number of lives she improved simply because of being a great diagnostician "hands on doctor" was amazing. Sadly I thought all doctors were like that until I came back to the was quite a shock and very hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I was told by a doctor sitting behind a desk that I had arthritis in my knee when she hadn't even looked at it (born 1940 must be arthritis...tick box), in fact it was damaged rather badly and took me months and lots of my own money to get it put right. After being on this site I no longer keep my mouth shut. I do my homework and am ready to answer back with real facts....come to think of it don't think my "bedside" manner is very good either or should that be "doctorside"???

Reply frustrating when you know and understand and those that should do not ! Keep persevering and lets hope you find the right support soon.


Thanks for the article, it's amazing how much they knew all that time ago. One thing which I found interesting was the muscle weakness, as I have had back problems for many years and was recently told that it was because my muscles were weak!!!

Good luck with your daughter, it must be very worrying for you. I think the family history is very telling and you need to keep reminding the medical profession of this at all times.



Thanks, Mary. I particularly liked the before and after pictures. I should take a "before" picture of my daughter, and then do the same once she has received treatment (provided, of course, that she gets some). xx


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