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Suggestions welcome!

My latest results: TSH 0.84 T4 15.8 which my doctor says is normal.

I take 150mg of Levo and 1200mg of Tegretol for my Epilespy per day. I am female and aged 47 years old.

I still feel lack lustre, lazy and lack enthusiasm for anything, plus a general lack of energy. Whilst I keep being told my levels are fine, I dont feel I have the energy of most people and that can get me down. My Epilespy is well controlled and only went haywire until the low thyroid was diagnosed, it's fine now so that is great,

Can you advise me what to do? If anything. Please don't be phased in answering this question by that fact I have Epilespy as its well controlled.

Best wishes to all of you- you help me with all these blogs and questions to learn from, Pampam x

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There are at least a couple of things you may want to check out and discuss with your doctor.

Check this page on the Thyroid UK website about options for treatment:

and also other things that your GP could test to see if you are deficient in certain vits/mins:

If these suggestions don't help do get back to us.

Jane x


If your vitamins and minerals are OK.. it may be that you have a problem using your levo (T4) to make the actually useful T3.

You could ask your GP to let you try T3 instead... I was on Levo for months and although my blood tests got back to normal I didn't feel normal.. I dropped my Levo and supplemented with 10 mcg T3 twice a day and really did feel much better indeed.. some people don't get on with Levo... trust yourself and don't let the doctor tell you it's in your head.. YOU know how you feel.


You don't give your thyroid gland history in your profile. You don't say how long you have been on thyroid gland meds but many people do not feel well until their TSH is very low or even suppressed.

Although your GP says you are in the normal range,it may not be normal for you.

Also, I never felt well on levothyroxine so you may need the addition of some T3 or an alternative. If you email and ask for a copy of NHS Endos/private doctors, and ask for a referral.


Are you aware that Tegretol can interfere with the way thyroxine works? There's a note about it here under Other medicines...

It says your thyroxine may need adjusting if you start or stop Tegretol (or presumably alter the dose of Tegretol). Sorry I don't know any more about it but it might be worth looking into.


Thanks for all the really helpful & informative replies.

I've not had any vit or mineral blood tests done nor F3. I started treatment for my thyroid back in Sept 2010 after my neurologist insisted the GP tested me due to my symptoms.

Originally TSH was 36.2 T4 was 6.8 with my Epilespy gone from very well controlled to haywire-hence the reason I saw my neurologist.

I started on 50mg and changed GP then by March 2012 my level went up to 100mg. I felt better but still struggled with low energy. I then saw by chance a lady GP in Sept 2012 who said the previous GP was perhaps a bit too cautious about upping my levels & she put me on 150mg ever since. The seizures stopped and I now just get the odd spilt second feeling so I was glad of that.

I haven't had any weight gain yet.

I get occasional leg cramps now -severe at night and not as bad during the day and night sweats.

I don't smoke or drink.

I get my thyroid tested every 4 weeks-the GP told me recently my Thyroid med is a stimulant and my Epilespy med is a suppressant so they both conflict- thankfully I knew that from this Forum & other information the surgery has never given.

I have been just so relieved for a while now that the Epilespy had completely stopped that I had have just struggled on with the lack of energy & lack lustre. But I look around me & realise I need some more help.

I will make an app to see my GP and ask for vit and min tests-if she says no then I'll ask for a endo referral.

I look at my mum of 81 and feel she has more energy and gusto than me & it's looking at that and realising that which gets me down. I am happy for my mum but jealous of the energy, the spriteliness! I want to do things but seem to sit in my armchair with no motivation.

I will let you know how I get on with the GP etc, as I know, that it's also important to write a continuing story, so that I help others.

Thank you so much, Pampam x


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