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Who Needs A Thyroid?

My history is there on computer,

My well being's all on the screen,

Every test that I do comes back NORMAL,

I'd love to know-What does that mean?

Doctor,my muscles are aching,

My energy levels are low,

Lack of energy really disturbs me

And I've lost all my Get Up And Go.

But your TSH level is NORMAL

It's there on the screen,it says so,

But Doctor I live in my body,

My symptoms are all that I know.

I'm told I should get a T4 test,

T4 should convert to T3,

But I'm telling you everything's normal

And T3 means nothing to me.

How can I get him to listen?

I'm puzzled - It's all very strange,

Perhaps I should change my appearance,

YES that's what I will do,I will change........

GOOD MORNING! How can I help you?

I need a recharge 'cos I'm flat,

I think I've contracted a virus,

Is it NORMAL or can we cure that?

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lol . very good


At least you haven't lost your sense of humour.

Have you posted your latest thyroid gland blood tests, with ranges, for members to comment?

A quote from Dr Lowe:-

Conventional doctors do no thinking at all for themselves when it comes to thyroid hormone therapy. They’ve long left that chore up to two entities: the marketing departments of corporations (currently Abbot Laboratories) that have promoted sales of Synthroid, and the endocrinology specialty—whose endorsements of Synthroid boil down to parroting of marketing hype from the corporations' marketing departments.

Your attempts to educate your current doctor are most likely a waste of your time. Keep in mind an old aphorism: Exposing a closed mind to facts is like shining light on the iris of the eye—it just closes more tightly. In my experience, facts are useless in rescuing such a doctor from his state of non compos mentis. I’ve seen only one thing bring such a doctor around: His mother, his wife, or he himself becomes hypothyroid, and despite using Synthroid, they or he continues to suffer from hypothyroid symptoms. Whereas the suffering of his Synthroid-using patients didn’t change his mind, his personal anguish does.


We really need our sense of humour ,I agree.I loved the quote from Dr. John Lowe especially the .....Exposing a closed mind thanks for that.

My poem was just a bit of fun for me.It has a cartoon as well but I don't know how to get it on here.

On a more serious note I have a first meeting with an Endo this week ....not bad considering I'd been taking a starter dose of Levo for 10 years before being Increased and think I've been suffering for 20yrs....but you've guessed it....the first TSH test came back NORMAL! X


Thanks aapple ....I'm glad it made you smile...we need that.


Dare I show this to GP next week when I am sure she will say my results are NORMAL! Your poem is so apt, Marfit. Janet.


You'd be braver than me j- bee! I would need to pluck up a little more courage as I do need a GP and before anyone tells me to change doctors,

he is now listening and being more helpful....I probably owe that to everyone here and all the knowledge I'm gaining.

Anyway,Good Luck if you do....I'd love to know what a doctor's response to it would be.It is meant to be lighthearted and it was fun to write.X


Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

low energy, constant tiredness



weight gain


slow heart rate

raised blood cholesterol

Here you can find some good info:


smiling and chuckling at your poem - The word NORMAL conjures up before my mind's eye the image of a patient sitting in front of the doctor and the doctor looking at the computer screen and saying 'but your results are NORMAL'. The patient is a skeleton. Morbid but it does raise a wry smile. Any artists among us to give shape to this image?


I'm so glad it made you smile it was meant to do...thank you X

I did a cartoon myself for it of the doctor with his computer, looking at the patient who has changed her appearance to being a face in a computer screen on legs! However,I didn't know how to get it posted with the poem.I think your idea is brilliant too .....Is there anyone out there who knows how to do it?


Thank you Marfit! Unfortunately I cannot draw or say how to post a cartoon. Hopefully someone else will come back to you.


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