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Recent Thryoid test results...any suggestions welcome!

I have recently had these results which I requested now I have a new and seemingly attentive doctor...

I had a partial thyroidectomy four years ago and now take 75mg Levo daily. Also type 2 diabetic on mulitiple meds. I take iron as discovered very low ferritin a couple of years ago when my hair fell out (fortunately now much better).

Also my doctor has just prescribed Vit D as my levels are very low but these results I don't have to hand and not begun treatment yet.

I currently am tired, overweight and suffering badly with swollen ankles and feet in the heat, actually I feel like I have oedema all over.

The levels below were all deemed to be normal and fine. Also diabetes HBAIC levels are too high...

I have also recently seen the endo at hospital regarding potential swellings in remaining thyroid and awaiting scan. They and my GP are happy with results below:

Free T4 11.3 (range 7 - 20.00) Pre thyroidectomy I was 16.0. This new result seems too low to me?

Free T3 5.0 (range 3.30 - 5.30)

TSH 0.77 (range 0.35 - 5.00)

B12 413ng/L (range 130 - 80000)

Ferritin 28ug/L (12 - 250)

Cortisol 229 (range 140.00 - 700.00) The lab suggested I may need further tests depending clinical scenario but my doctor says this is fine and the time taken 8.45am suggests this level is ok?

Any words of wisdom gratefully received. Thank you

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T4 looks low to me! :(

A lot of people don't feel well until their T4 is towards the top of the range.

Bit odd that TSH is so low though... even so, I am wondering if you may benefit from 75/100 alternate days..




Many thanks Louise and for agreement that T4 is low side which my dreadfully swollen feet must surely be an indicator of... Also I was given to understand by docs that low TSH is good result?


It's just that TSH & T4 are generally at opposite ends...



Hi , As Louise says T4 is a little low,(.FT3 perfect). Also I would take a little spatone, iron ( Amazon) for the low Ferritin. B12, not sure but I think you may need some of that. Also make sure you have had vit D tested, Hormonal, corrected calcium if D low , before treatment to check not high in range.if low in range, needs to be taken with calcium. ( NICE) Also Diabetes, hormonal and autoimmune. My TSh is immeasurable, yours is acceptable but might be worth asking for a Pituitary test, if seems out of character for you. cortisone test, my Endo says the only test which is any good is, 24 hour urine collection, cortisone tablet ( script) at midnight and the a blood test at exactly 9am. Ask for that.I hope that give you some ideas

Best wishes,


You probably know, to reply to any specific post, click on "Reply to this" all we do not know.


Hi Jackie, i am taking iron for low ferritin but has only crept up from 11 to 28 in two or three years so unsure how to boost it. I did not mention that my serum folate was over the range at 23.0 (range 4.0 - 20.00) and told this means I have a healthy diet. Vit D was tested as very low and I am awaiting tabs - been prescribed 1000 unit capsules of Colecalciferol. Do you think this is ok? I will check out NICE.

I will ask about the cortisone test too.

Thanks so much for info.



Hi Deborah,

Iron takes 3 months for a new dose etc to really make a difference. It can be dangerous too high but I would certainly boost it with food and possible take another sachet of Spatone, but be sure to have another test, say 6 moths. GP will not prescribe at that level, but Endo`s keen on it being higher One medical theory is says that all women mensturating and any one "old" should automatically take iron.low does cause side effects.course, you do not want it too close to the top of range. Yes, that is standard treatment for D as recommended by NICE, D and calcium, however, you still need a re test 3 months after starting, it takes that long and as often as the GP will do it, probably once a year. It may change due to outside factors, calcium, but generally treatment is for life with increases if needed. It is a hormonal and really an Endo`s remit.

I would find a good Endo before next seeing the GP, often their choice not good although your g|P does seem good. Then if GP wishes to refer you , you have ideas as to who would really help you, I am thinking mainly of the cortisone, but lots of thing in a Endo`s remit.



Thanks Jackie. Really helpful.

Best wishes Deborah


I do think this article brings out the importance of adrenal functioning and the saliva test very vital for detecting it. Your cortisol seems very low.


Hi Heloise

That is really interesting and I will follow it up, Thank you for the link.


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