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Any advice on T3 result?

Finally got my GP to test for T3 which took a lot of asking! The result was 5.7 but I have no idea what this means. I have no idea is this is 'free' T3 as no one at the surgery was able to tell me.My T4 has varied between 22 and 32.5 but the last result was 18 which I understand is normal. This was taken at the same time as the T3. My TSH is still 0.01. I don't know what these results mean but I'm still having the same symptoms of weight gain, feeling cold etc. I would really appreciate any advice on how to interpret these results.

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Trouble is - 5.7 could be a very high level if it is Total T3, or anywhere from low-ish to OK-ish for Free T3. We cannot make the assumption required, I am afraid.

You really, really, need to get the reference ranges for Free T4 as well. They vary far too much from one lab to another.

I suggest you go back to the surgery and ask for a printout - that is likely to also identify if it is Free or Total T3.



There really should be someone at the surgery who can give you the information you need. If not, then they should phone the lab for an explanation and then pass the information to you.

If they say they can't give you the test results AND the reference ranges this really is not acceptable. You may have to make a fuss (nicely) because you are perfectly entitled to have this information. It is about you and your life. So I'd suggest you contact the surgery again. Let us know the results when you have them and we can then perhaps advise you what to do next.

Jane x


Sounds like they are being awkward because you asked for a test they did not want you to have, but I'm cynical in these matters. If you ask for a printout you should get the info you need.


I rang this morning and was told someone would get back to me but they didn't and they're closed this afternoon. I'll try again in the morning and hopefully get a printout. The problem is the results are always read out by one of the receptionists and they don't seem to understand what it means. If I ask to speak to a doctor, they get the nurse practitioner to speak to me and she just says that if there was anything wrong they would contact me. I'll keep trying!


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