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Help with daughter's blood test results


My daughter has just received her latest blood test results. She has put on a large amount of weight and has fatigue. Her Dr is keeping a very close eye on her and she is having blood test every 3 months at the moment. Her TSH has been all over the place 6 months ago it was over 10 but now with extra thyroxine is is coming down. Her dose of thyroxine is 175 X 4 a week and 150 X 3. She has b12 injections plus she takes iron supplements.

My daughter has hashimoto's and pernicious anemia

Your opinion on her latest results would be much appreciated

Chloride (h). 110 . mmol/L. 98-107

FREE T4 (H) 22.9 pmol/L. (12-22.0)

TSH 2.73 mU/L 0.27-4.20

Cortisol (H). 668 mmol/L. (172-497)

Thank you in advance 😀

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What time was her blood test taken? I'm asking because her cortisol result is high. You also say that she is putting on weight & is really tired, does she have any other symptoms like acne, insomnia, muscle weakness, red face & is her weight gain mostly around her middle? If so have they looked at Cushing's? She would need a blood test around 8-9am in the morning to see what the levels are. Google Cushing's & see if she fits the symptoms - GP's are not very good at diagnosing Cushing's as it's considered to be too rare but that isn't the case! Push for more testing.


Thank You for your reply. Yes my daughters blood test was a fasting one taken at 8.15 am. Yes the dr is now doing tests for cushings.


If you are on Facebook there is a group for Cushings, called Cushing's UK which supports people who are being tested for Cushing's.

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Thank you


Worth investigating food sensitivities, especially gluten. The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol can help identify sensitivities by cutting out the most problematic foods. May be worth her trying to see if her symptoms improve:

Better to move to a new diet gradually over a couple of weeks so that it's not such a shock to the system.

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