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Blood test results

Hi everyone seen the doc to get blood results as follows

TSH level 0.12mu/l

T4 25.5pmols/l

T3 4.8pmols/l

folate 20.0ng/mL

ferritin 20ug/L

B12 818ng/L

chloesterol 4.8mmo/L

and some other stuff then total white blood count 3.6 10*9L

which had a ! next to it asked doc is this the reason I feel so rubbish said I'm not sure I asked about other blood tests TP and TG said not necessary as the TSH level is low and for me to drop to 100mcg levothyroxine, carried on talking he did not seem to take a lot of notice of what I was saying, feeling dizzy, joint pain, fuzzy head, no concentration,extremely tired then he said I,ve just noticed your hands so I laughed and said the vitiligo it is spreading quite fas t. He said I am going to do more blood tests I asked why he said something about adrenal glands connected with vitiligo and thyroids i think it was something like adrenalimunism probably not that at all, I said if it is something to do with that will I have to go to see anendo he said if it is what i suspect yes you will. Does anyone have any ideas about this? thank you

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It is very difficult to tell without reference ranges but you might be slightly over-replace, but then again you might not. Blood tests aren't an awful lot of help there.

What I can tell you is that your ferritin is far too low! It really needs to be above 70-90 for women and higher for men. This could be contributing to some of your symptoms..

He may have been talking about hypoadrenalism, i.e. low cortisol and other adrenal hormones. He could well be right too. It is worth getting the tests for this. It will affect how you convert T4 to T3 and will also affect how you feel in quite a big way.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help

Carolyn x


Yhanks Carolyn sorry I don't know what reference ranges are is it the figures under range? if so then

TSH 0.40-5-50

T4 11.00=26.00

T3 3.00-6.00

also doc said ferritin was ok thank you going for more blood tests on Thursday couldn't see what he was ordering and he didn't say Thanks again.


Yes, those are the ranges :) Your T3 is lower than it should be really so he could be right about adrenals.

Your GP is right that your ferritin is within range but it is far too low for optimal health. There has been recent research that shows that women with ferritin levels below 50 benefit from taking iron supplements, so if yours is only 20 you surely much benefit. Bear in mind that you will also need vitamin C and vitamin B2 (riboflaving) to absorb and store iron effectively. It really is worth getting your iron up to at least 70.


Hi Folks

The Official UK FT3 "Normal Range" is 3.5-->7.8 pmol/l: However, the UK medical profession is applying the range 3.55-->5.44 pmol/l as set by Bayer-Centaur

Coincidentally research has demonstrated that an FT3 below 5.4 pmol/l places everybody at risk of developing Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Congestive Heart Failure): Low FT3 also causes Diabetes and inhibits the immune system.

Funny how the UK medical profession will not treat hypothyroidism until TSH levels are greater than 10.0 mIU/l when that equates to an FT3 of less than 4.0 pmol/l

The Ferritin lower limit should be about 100 micrograms per litre. 0-->100 is considered to be evidence of absolute iron deficiency by the renal peeps.

As for us Hypo types, we need the Iron to facilitate conversion of Thyroxine (T4) to Triiodothyronine (T3) ~ T3 is the active useful hormone unlike Thyrotropin (TSH) and the inactive pro-hormone (T4)

May the Force be with you. You need it when doctors have gone over to the Dork Side.


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