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Tests from vitamin D

hello lovely people,

Can someone give me an appraisal on my test results by finger pricking blood sample please?

tHey are: total vitamin D : 117.6 nmol/L

25-hydroxyvitamin D3 : 114.8 nmol/L

25-HYDRXYVITAMIN D2 : 2.8 nmol/L

My vitamin D status : ADEQUATE= greater than 50

I was hoping that I was deficient because of my swelling feet and ankles that my doctor said was just due to gravity and also my balance of which he had no answer for!

Can some kind and knowledgeable person give me their opinion on these results please?

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Just a little down at 46 ng/L - so taking a 1000 IU's daily should bring you up to 60. The site below is American and shows you the dose required to reach the optimal level of 60. ( Hence the different measurement )


Balance issues can be due to LOW B12 - what was your result ? B12 Ataxia can be an issue. Do you have Hashimotos ?


My B12 vit test was low but cannot lay my hands on the results at moment but have been dosing with a B12 patch + a sublingual and B complex pills. As for hashimotos it has never been mentioned before and to be honest I dont know what it is and what the symptoms are. I feel quite well at the moment and if it wasnt for the ankle and feet swelling and an occassional balance problem I would be very happy.

Do you think I should supplement with vit D3 or try to keep it up with the sun{not much around here at the moment though in the south west uk}!



The B12 patch works for some but not everyone. Think it possibly depends on how low is low when it comes to your results. Please try to be in the habit of obtaining all your results with ranges from your GP practice as it makes it easier for people to give you the correct advice. You need records to monitor your own progress.

As we age we do not process the UVB rays in the skin - also regular showering washes all the good work away ! Hence the old saying - washing weakens you :-)

Jarrow methylcobalamin B12 comes in 1000mcg and 5000mcg on Amazon. You cannot overdose as excess is peed out ! When deficient in B12 it is a neurological condition - not understood by Docs. In Japan the range STARTS at 500 - 1300 - UK around 180-800/900. Food for thought.


Please have a good look around the above website....lots to learn :-

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Go to the right of this page and look for the heading TOPICS - scroll down and click onto Hashimotos - lots to read and learn !


Thanks Marz will do that but I have now found my bloods from the 30th June this year. They are...

TSH 3.61 (0.35-4.5)

FOLATE 12.3 (4.6-18.7)

B12 389 (>180}




HB 145 {120~160}

H6Alc 40 [<41] = normal

ferritin 92 [13-150]


Ok your Ferritin seems fine. The TSH too high and the B12 too low !


As Marz says could be low B12, that was the next tested on my list! (if low take with B complex - if REALLY low check if it's Pernicious anaemia before supplementing) possibly iron for the puffy ankles - worth checking. I have one puffy cankle so am stumped :(

A Vitamin D result over 100nmol/L is good (some say optimal is 125nmol/L) - hope you're feeling better for it. J :D


Yes thanks spare rib but I have been supplementing with B12 and complex. So all in all I do seem to be having a feel good time at present and long may it continue.

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