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Vitamin D Results - any thoughts please on medication

My vitamin D results came back yesterday as follows:-

34.7 nmol/L (30 - 50) - classed as an Insufficiency (D3 = 31.9, D2 = 2.8)

Deficient was in the range of 15-30 so I am only just over that level. Adequate was classed as over 50.

My plan was to take 5000iu D3 only per day for 3 months and have it re-tested but wondered if this was too much, and for too long.

Thanks everyone, I know this question has been asked many times before but I couldn't find an answer on the Tags.


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you can take that no problems if you don't have kidney disease and retest like you said in 3 months time.



I have kidney cysts, does that count as kidney disease?


How is your GFR and other kidney function tests?



Sorry Roslin I don't know what GFR is. Funnily enough I went to the docs last week because I still have hypo symptoms (currently on 125mcg of levo). I really wanted an iron test, thought I might be anaemic because I have had blood in urine for at least the past 3 years to my knowledge and I am freezing cold all the time. On Wednesday I went for what I thought was another TSH test and found they were including a FBC and kidney function test. I also gave urine for a protein test. Will have the results on Monday.

I was surprised that the doctor didn't mention what he was testing, they are obviously less interested in the thyroid but seem to be checking kidney function - which is fine, at least this can be ruled out (or in).

Thanks for your help



Have you had your calcium level checked ? this should be done before starting on vit D.

You don't want your calcium going over range and vit D supps will raise your calcium level so best to get it checked first.


Yes, I did wonder about that but am still a little confused. Is it possible my calcium could be okay and Vit D low, in which case how do you recftify low vit D.

Can you get calcium checked on its own? any suggestions where? Perhaps I will check out Blue Horizon or Genova again as I didn't pay too much attention to calcium and can't remember seeing it as a single test.


Your GP can do a calcium blood test, called calcium profile. In theory if your vit d is low then calcium will be low or normal as a lack of vit d stops you absorbing calcium BUT sometimes a high calcium shows up which can be caused by something else going on.

This is my current problem. My vit d level is 12 severe deficiency, GP gave me prescription supps without checking calcium. I had it checked after about a month and found my calcium is right at the top of the range. So I referred myself to a private endo who is going to give me a different supp as I can't tolerate the one I was on, and she is going to keep a close eye on the calcium level as I can't have it going any higher. I could have a parathyroid problem which will become obvious when my vit d is better.

I'm no expert but 5000iu of D3 for 3 months is quite high if you are not actually deficient and if you don't know your calcium level. I am very deficient and will be taking a lot less than that. Obviously it's up to you what you take but be sure to keep a check on the calcium level, I will have mine done every 6 weeks.

Hope that helps


I appreciate what you say Hypohen, I have had my Vit D tested and it shows an insufficiency at 34.7 (30-50) - should be greater than 50 to be adequate. I can't get my doctor to do any tests as he thinks everything is okay. Just wanted to try and bring my vit D levels up to see if it made a difference but I do understand what everyone says about the calcium. If I could be sure that low Vit D meant also low Calcium I would be happier to give it a go but think now that I should hold back until I check my calcium. Can't seem to find a lab that does just calcium, any ideas?

Thanks again, your comments were much appreciated.


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