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Here are my results. 30mg citalopram, 100mg and 0.50 lorazpem




Tsh=0.363 (0.4-4)

Rt3=0.52 (0.14-054)

Ft3/rt3= ( they both measured in the same units)=8.75


I had 100.25=tgi when diagnosed on 25mg


Tgi less than 20 (0-40)

Tpo less than 10 (0.35)

My ferritin is 26 my vitamin d 48 and adrenal tes says that I have got dhea high response . I have levels of cortisol high during the day

I am havin vitamin d and b12 whith is 336 recommened by someone ehre. Will go and see dr s.b if I get referral letter from my gp. Appointment Saturday or tomorrow. I have got to doctors just in case

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Are you on thyroid treatment?

What sort of symptoms are you having?




cold . tired dry hair. putting a bit f weight. antidepressamts hrlp but i never had the same energy i used to have. have constipation


The FT3/RT3 ratio is supposed to be 20 or higher, according to this link:

b12 at 336 is low for good health even if within NHS range for serum B12. You can raise this by supplementation but you have to take enough b12 see my posts, quite a few, on this:

Check out the effect on thyroid of those antidepressants.

Read the main site:

for valuable info.


thank you . yes i am supplementing vitamind d and b12 with recommendation fromn here. i can work and life without the antidepresants they help me. if my ratio is less than rt3, how can i decrease it.

Could it be that i am having too much T4. my ft3 is actually worse than before and it is all going to waste. also ferritin is low and this is important for conversion


I think you need to supplement your ferritin, as I believe low ferritin can lead to high rT3. You may also need to go onto t3 only or a low dose of NDT to help clear the rT3. Xx


i dont want to do too much at the same time but i think it will be a good idea to decreased my T4. and suplement my ferritin

will that help?


Hopefully so :)


i am going to see dr s b in 10 days if i get referral letter


Maybe start the iron now and leave adjusting dose of T4 until after you see him/her then. X


but i want to see what she recomment in STTM recommend supplmementation that is not constipated. i dont want to be constipated i am already. any thoughs?


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