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Question about supplements

I am taking my thyroid meds in the morning, Levo and T3.

I have also just started taking Zinc as my levels were a little low, Ginseng, and yesterday started on magnesium in the hope that this could help with sleep problems.

Question is, does anyone know if any of these can effect the thyroid meds? I take the Zinc and Ginseng not long after the thyroid meds in the morning.

Many thanks


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You shouldn't be taking ANYTHING except water within two hours of taking your thyroid meds, not so much the T3 (although my personal experience was that it was effected by food/drink) but definitely were the T4 is concerned.

Moggie x


never heard of zinc/magnesium or ginseng causing problems if taken with or near your thyroid meds


there you are: 2 conflicting answers in a split of a second :D

the 'real' answer is: do what you like :D :D :D

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Have a look at this link regarding drugs/herbs that interact with levo but also have a good look around the site to learn more.

Moggie x


Why don't you take one lot of meds either thyroid or supps at bedtime. No problems then

Jo xx


The voice of reason and common sense - why didn't I think of that simple

Moggie x


Taking the magnesium at bedtime sounds like a good plan to me. Magnesium is supposed to be relaxing and help you sleep.

The zinc though might be better in the morning. Zinc peaks in the blood at around 10am apparently.

Ginseng? No idea.

So there's a third point of view for you!


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