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Please help me with first set of results on Levo

Diagnosed 8 weeks ago and my results were

THyroid Peroxidase antibodies 1,300 + ( top of measure able range)

TSH 2.3 mu/L

T4 14.6 p mol/l ( 10 -25)

T3 4.6 p mol/l. ( 3-8)

Ferritin 6

Vit D 60.90 nmol/L

I was put on 25 mcg Levo ( I'm over 50 ) which he increased after 4 weeks to 50mcg

Also taking iron and high doses of Vit D

Yesterday's results are: values and ranges same

T 4 13.7

T3. 4.5

TPA 1300

Vit D 67.10

Serum Cortisol at 10.00 hrs 163 nmol/ L ( 184 - 623)

Salivary cortisol shows low cortisol all afternoon and low DHEA all afternoon. ( both half the range value)

Total White cell count marked as abnormal it is 3.4 10*9/L ( 3.5 - 11)

Seeing Dr tomorrow still feel rubbish, how do I approach these results please?


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Hi Yes they are still too low. It takes a long time to properly control the thyroid and you may feel worse before it is right. Frequent bloods and rises until stable ( usually about a year) is the correct way. if the T4 goes high in range, and FT3 still low, then you may need some T3 with the Levo, this is quite common. At the moment the GP seems diligent and careful, good qualities so long as he continues the increases until you feel better.

Not sure of the range for the D test you had, think it may be just in range, ask. Ferritin much too low, you need it on a script, if not buy Spatone, liquid Amazon, best for fewer side effects liked by Endo`s.Your cortisol will be low if thyroid hypo, often when thyroid right ,cortisol OK. Also not a very good test that you had for that.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Not sure if you know, to reply to a post click on "Reply to this" under that post.


Thank you Jackie I will look into all this.


Hi Marie

I would suggest that 50mcg is still not enough. A lot of people do not feel well until their TSH is towards the bottom of the range - or even lower - and their T4 is towards the top of the range.

Email me for the Pulse Article that says this:

Just to check - are you taking your levothyroxine with water only, at least an hour before food and well away from any supplements - especially your iron?




High Louise, yes, im taking Levo at night, away from anything else. Would welcome a copy of the article, will email you. Thanks for advice. M


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