GP won't do T4 and T3 !

Went to Gp with Hypo symptoms - ( Have lived with Hashimoto's for 40 years).I don't have a throid due to radioactive iodine treatment.Getting hypo symptoms and now, have icy cold hands, and wearing fleece indoors with heating on since my Levo was reduced from 125mcg - 100 mcg but GP refusing to test T4 and T3, (or TSH!) - I also requested Vit B12, Folates, etc - but I expect those will not have been done either. I expect I am a victim of the practice cutting costs. I don't want to start WW3, but how do I get him to do these tests! ( I was a Charge Nurse in Endocrinology for many years and my son is an NHS Consultant so know the score - but haven't told him this yet as I don't want to be confrontational) - any ideas?

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  • I'm as cold as you right now :-(

    I don't think it is confrontational to explain the degree of technical knowledge and experience that you have and that you would therefore like to work with the GP in an intelligent way, to mutually discover the optimum treatment for you. Good luck

  • Why did GP reduce your levo?

  • He said it was because of "revised" parameters in the local NHS which changed the "goal posts" , and since as a result of that (in his opinion) my TSH was " just detectable and no more" - and therefore my Levo dose was "too high" at 100mcg. ( I might add that his predecessor - a much more enlightened GP was happy with it that way!I'll try again - but I feel I am up against a brick wall here, for if he refuses again to put it up by 25mg and the others in the practice also refuse to - what then?.

  • email for a copy of Dr Toft's article in Pulse Online (for doctors). Dr Toft was President of the British Thyroid Association. Questions 6 states that some of us need a low or suppressed TSH and the addition of T3 to a reduced T4. Point this out to your GP by sending him a copy before your next appointment. There is no scientific reason for reducing medication according to your TSH alone when you haven't had symptoms of overstimulation.

  • What then? I would go internet shopping.

  • Have you tried looking at the NICE guidelines? I am surprised that they did not agree to test what you requested. I have TSH tested every 6 months but on occasion ask for an additional test so have had T4(unusual as I am not on levo), B12 after supplementation which resulted in me reducing supplement, folates etc. I have not had problems. I do know that some labs will not always carry out what GPs request (mine moans about this) - their guidelines are probably more up to date.

    I think it is debateable that your local NHS can determine such issues. I would be reading NICE as well as looking at the Society of Endos etc etc.

  • Ask under what circumstances he might suspect you were under treated? And would test? Keep calm, play nice, but be assertive. :) Good luck, how fortunate that you know the NHS well

  • When i read this, i am just so grateful i self medicate. I will never go back to letting the nhs control my quality of life

  • Do not waste your energy trying to educate your nhs gp, it wont work. They wont care about your nhs connections .

  • so true in what you're saying. they're obsessed with numbers (lab results) and most are stuck in what they do. they seem to no longer go on training.

  • To Bluedaffodil - re your reply - How do you know it won't work? What didn't work for you might work for me. I really don't think such a negative comment has any place on this forum, please keep such unhelpful comments to yourself.

  • I know from this site that Bluedaffodil has had awful problems. However hwbrand is right as I have had excellent service from my practice.

  • I work for the NHS too, in a lab, and I'm sorry to say it has done me no good whatsoever. In fact I have just had to submit a complaint to my own hospital! :-(

    I hope you have more luck.

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