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are these supplements okay to take with Thyroxine?

I take all these below¤t=null.jpg&evt=user_media_share

I take 50mg of Thyroxine one night, then 100mg the next night, then 50mg, then 100mg

Just so it levels out at 75mg

I'm also an avid Gym goer 4 - 5 times a week

Taking The normal protein shakes, and Glutamine, Taurine and Creatine to aid in my Muscle Building with weights, along with Cardio

My mood is slightly improving, but my GP still saying I'm within range with TSH Level, even though I feel like Crap all the time with depression, anxiety, flushed face, fatigue, numbness and tingling in my fingers at night and loads of other symptoms

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Can you post your thyroid gland blood test levels with the ranges. Can you can get a copy from your surgery and post here. It doesn't matter if the GP says 'within range', if on meds you should have a TSH below 1. I think your dose (and I am not medially qualified) is too low as you are still having clinical symptoms.

I don't know if your supplements will interfere with the uptake of levothyroxine but I would take them at least four hours later.


He posted a short while ago, but it would be good to see them again for reference. Here is the link posted in the previous blog

TSH was too high for someone on thyroxine and would almost certainly be the reason for his symptoms. Unfortunately this seems to be a GP for whom the TSH test is the ultimate and infallible diagnostic tool that we know it isn't :(


Check my previous blogs and questions, all my results are up there to view :-)


I can't see anything in those that would be a problem, unless the multivitamin contains a large amount of iodine. It's best not to take at the same time as the levo. I don't think the protein should be an issue either. Protein is recommended for hypo patients. I drink a whey protein shake every day; two when I have karate training. Just don't drink near taking thyroid hormones.

Carolyn x


My thyroid TSH is going up! Not down! I just don't get it

Fed up of feeling tired, angry, aggressive, depressed, paranoia, and tons more horrid stuff

Awaiting results back from 2 x 24 hour urine cortisol tests

What is that gonna prove?


email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article by Dr Toft, ex of the British Thyroid Association. Send a copy of the whole article to your GP and highlight question 6 where it gives information on how best to treat a hypothyroid patient - to get a TSH below 1, or suppressed, or the addition of some T3.

Make an appointment to discuss the article with him. Don't be agressive just say you want to be well. This is Dr Toft's C.V. (also physician to the Queen whilst she's in Scotland).


I also suffer from ROCD

which has ruined my life

My memory is terrible and I suffer with awful brain fog


I take my Thyroxine at about 6am (which is away from any of my taken supplements)


Check out these guidelines. At the top of page 3 (part c) it states that some people need their their medication fine-tuning within the TSH reference range. I think this applies to you. I.e. your doctor should increase your dose to find where in the reference range you feel well.

I should point out that these guidelines are, in general, rubbish. But that point alone should get your GP to increase your dose to get your TSH down.


Someone as active as you are needs to keep his levels a little more equal, don't you think? You are taking quite a dip on the days you are only taking 50 even if it eventually enters a two-week pool. Most people take a 25 mcg. increase to achieve a 12 1/2 mcg. increase. so yours seems a little lopsided. Why don't you just take 75 mcg. per day? I'd certainly try that until you can get a real increase. Should I assume that you have 50 mcg. tablets and don't want to cut them in half? or maybe you have 100 mcgs. which would make 75's rather impossible.


Because I only have 50mg tablets


following instructions from my GP to do it this way actually


I take 175 mcg a day, in 3 tablets, 1 x 100, 1 x 50 & 1 x 25. I don't see why your GP can't change your prescription?


Why is my GP saying everything is OK? and that I'm in normal range?

is everyone on here saying my TSH should be 1 or less?


Many GP's are uneducated about treating hypothyroidism. The protocol they follow will never get you to the optimal levels necessary to feel good. In fact, they will pressure you to stay unwell so as not to be proved wrong. You should read other people's stories, some have been ill for 30 years. No reason for it other than not putting the patient's health above money and time.


I am seeing my GP tomorrow

how do i start my "im unhappy" with your diagnosis and the treatment your giving me rant?

even though he will say "your levels are in range"

and then he will say you have also seen an Endocrinologist and she says its okay too!!

i dont know what to do :-(


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