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All my results now in! Putting it all together?

Having been complaining back and forth to the doctors for the last 9 years or so since I had glandular fever I have never felt 'normal' again. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in 2009 but advised no help was available on the NHS.

Complaints have ranged from lethargy, thirst, feel like I'm burning up, trouble sleeping, twitching eye, stress, run down, loss of motivation, brain fog, pins and needles, mood swings, more recently panic attacks and palpitations.

It was only by coincidence I was reading an old nootropics book the other month called 'Smart Drugs' and there was a small section on hypothyroidism and Dr Broda Barnes and the temperature test. All made sense as I discovered my temp. was always low ~96f on waking.

The more reading I did the more I was convinced this was the only explanation that made any sense, having been back to the docs and getting 'normal' results I thought that can't be right. Lo and behold having obtained the actual results and paying privately for others all is becoming clear.

Free T4 = 13.6 pmol/L (10 - 24) Low!

Free T3 = 4.3 pmol/L (4 - 8.3) Low!

TSH = 0.62 mU/L (0.4 - 4.5) Irrelevant??

Serum folate = 3.8 ug/L (3.1-20) Low!

Serum ferritin = 29microg/L (15-300) Very Low!

Serum vitamin B12 = 680 ng/L (130-900) Not optimal

D3 = 37.7 Insufficient

Average daily temperature is low, currently ~97.4f which has however increased from ~96.8f. currently taking 4 Nutri Thyroid tablets a day split into 2 x 2.

Average daily temperature not within 0.3f of each other over a 5 day period, indicative of adrenal issues.

Adrenal Stress Profile here:


* sample 1 (8am) - 18.4 [it says normal is 12-22]

* sample 2 (noon) - 4.1 [it says normal is 5-9] so low

* sample 3 (4pm) - 5.6 [it says normal is 3-7]

* sample 4 (bedtime) - 1.5 [it says normal is 1-3]

My total for the day was 29.6 [normal is 21-41] so mid range.

My DHEA at sample 2 was 0.92, and at sample 3 was 1.31. Normal it says.

So all of my samples are normal aside from the noon which is low.

By my calculations I am in Stage 4 maladapted phase 2

"This zone represents a marginal cortisol output with reduced DHEA

levels reecting a minimal adrenal reserve. The production of the

precursor pregnenolone is usually limited and the adrenal cortex may

show hypertrophic changes. Under stress most patients in maladaptation

phase II will have a suboptimal response to stress. This suboptimal

response is any response not consistent with a normal diurnal cortisol

production pattern. This condition is usually the outcome of chronic and

protracted stress exposure."

Any thoughts where I should go next with my results??

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Just wondering about your DHEA. Had my cortisol done at Genova about 2 weeks ago and the DHEA came back as normal, 0.33 and 0.46 with a reference range of 0.10-0.50. The ratio of Cortisol/DHEA was 1.04. 0.92 seems out of the reference range.


Have you ever had your parathyroid levels checked? or your calcium levels? do you get any bone pain? Have you ever had a coeliac test.

Sorry for the questions, with low VitD and low iron you could have an absorption problem which could account for your low T3 and T4. Your B12 isn't too bad but, as you say, go be a little higher.

Not to familiar with adrenal results so can't help you with that one.

Moggie x


The first link talks about the relationship between the thyroid levels which may help pinpoint where the problem lies.

The second link points to some adrenal issues.

I've just started looking into adaptogens. It really seems like you are on the verge but possibly can avoid full medication for your thyroid. If your adrenals can be relieved and rested, it may be enough to keep your thyroid running in range. In my reading, it's been hard to figure whether adrenals can harm thyroid or the thyroid can ruin the adrenals. Some say to fix the adrenals first before any thyroid meds should be taken. Some say if you take thyroid meds, it will fix the adrenals. I say just try something and see what happens.


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