Dr Skinner - Tributes

Dr Skinner - Tributes

Thank you all for your thoughts on how to best commemorate the life of Dr Skinner. At this present moment, we are not sure of the wishes of Dr Skinner and his family in regard to donations /flowers. As soon as this is known, I will post the details on here.

A lasting tribute would be a wonderful way to commemorate Dr Skinner, but we need to discuss this with his family as their wishes come first and foremost. We will keep you informed.

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  • Good idea Lyn and thank you.

    It is all too natural for us to want to express our respects/thanks/love for this adorable man and doctor, as you say it is better to wait and see what the family wishes are x

  • Thank you Lyn, will wait to hear more x

  • i will wait with trepidation to acknowledge someone I never met ...but will forever regret not doing so .... I believe that us on tuk HAVE to mark his legasy that he has left [ just look at the comments from yesterday ] ....this needs to be done !!!! ..LoL alan xxx

  • Hi Alan, There is something in the pipeline which is lovely but I can't say anything yet.....

  • Lyn you are the best

  • I look forward to knowing what it is Lyn : ) x

  • I just can't believe what I have read I only saw Dr Skinner last week for my annual check up, I will truly miss him I am sure he saved my life, as I never got diagnosed by the nhs blood test but he soon diagnosed me by my symptoms. He was a true friend.

  • I am in shock, what an incredible loss to this world, what a truly brave upstanding doctor who really cared about every single one of his patients. I personally owe the good health I enjoy today solely to this brave doctor.

  • As a fitting tribute to Dr Skinner let us all support two campaigns that were close to his heart. Firstly The Scottish Parliamentary Committee have invited evidence and personal stories in support of the Scottish Thyroid Petition to change the way hypothyroidism is diagnosed and treated. You don't have to be a Scottish resident. Head your contribution " In memory of Dr Skinner" and send personal stories to elaine.smith.msp@scottish.parliament.uk For evidence it's... Andrew.Howlett@scottish.parliament.uk

    Secondly there is Dr Skinner's vehicle for change worldthyroidregister.com Let's make a concerted effort to get the 50,000 signatures he wanted. To sign the register go to the page called "methods of registration" and add your details.With enough signatures Afshan may be able to use the register in the way Dr Skinner intended.

  • i agree with everything you say do it for DR Skinner.

  • Very sad news. Thyroid patients can't afford to lose doctors like Gordon Skinner and John Lowe and we've lost both in the space of a couple of years. I never knew him, but I knew of him and he seemed to me to be someone, like John Lowe, who put the patient's benefit before his own. He knew it would invariably get him into trouble with the authorities but he was willing to accept that in an effort to make people better and move the knowledge about thyroid disease forward. For that I thank you, Dr. Skinner. My sincere condolences go out to his family.

  • I never met him but intended to, he sounds as if he was a wonderful man. RIP

  • I had been waiting to see Dr Skinner for some time and then only met him for the first time a few weeks ago, right away I could tell that he would listen and help me , he had great insight and understanding on thyroid conditions how will all his patients manage without him ? and my sympathy goes out to his family too Glasgow has lost one of its finest

  • He was a wonderful man. I am very, very grateful I met him. What's really sad is I never got to tell him what he did for me! In our second meeting I just went on and on about the symptoms I still had - and he just sat back and listened. He then asked whether there were any improvements to my health, there were but I was so focussed on what was still wrong. I last met him in march, my follow up was in July but I decided to delay it until the new year. Because of him I feel so much more better - like a different person and was looking forward to telling him this. :((

  • I havent been on here for sometime and I cannot believe that Dr Skinner has passed away. He was such a wonderful warm person, this is very sad news indeed. I am sure he has touched the lifes of so many who will remember him for helping them back to good health.

    I saw Dr Skinner only last year and was so impressed with how he had me in hysterics with his amazing sense of humour and how he helped me to get my health back on track. I bought his book, which he kindly signed.

    My condolences go out to his family and all who respected this great man.

  • I met, Who I called, my amazing Dr. Skinner, twice since July, I told everyone about him, and was so looking forward to another appointment this month. It was like meeting up with a favourite uncle, I felt as though I had known him for years. We spoke of familiar places in Scotland and he made me laugh, something I don't do very often. I am so sad, selfishly, for myself, what am I going to do? who is going to treat me now? not my gp! I will fight on though, I owe it to him.

    but I am so sad for his family and my heart goes out to them, may it comfort them to know he was so well loved by so many. Thank You, Dr. Gordon Skinner. May You Rest In Peace.x

  • For those of you who are wondering who on earth will prescribe Armour or Erfa now. It is OK to call the pharmacy who issued your Dr Skinner's prescriptions and ask who your nearest doctor is who, in principle at least, may prescribe. Of course all doctors have their own requirements/conditions before prescribing.

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