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Dr Skinner

Hi - can anyone help with how to get hold of Dr Skinner - I am so desperate, looking after two girls who my Gp refuses to even think could by hypothyroid despite a barrage of symptoms and am horribly symptomatic myself, chronic nightly vascular headaches - wanted to get a referral to Dr Skinner if my GP will agree (doubtful) but wanted to ask a few questions , as heck of a way to go, and limited income etc. The phone number I have for him seems to be a fax number ? Be grateful for anyone's help on this. Thanks

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Hello hypo3, I see dr skinner, I like yourself have a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism, but my thyroid blood results were normal. However when I saw Dr Skinner in august he diagnosed me based on my symptoms. So he will diagnose you if he feels there are signs and symptoms present and then write to your gp with his recommendation for treatment.

Can I ask, have you had a blood test for your thyroid? What was your TSH, t4 and (t3 if they tested this) ? If you don't know I strongly suggest you ask for a print out from your gp, you are entitled to this. Then post the results on here, there are lots of knowledgable people on this forum who would be better than me at interepting your results. Also have you had your ferritin, b12, vitamin D, folic acid tested? If these are low they can mimic hypothyroidism, but are also linked to it too.

In terms of GP referrals to Dr Skinner, it seems there's a lottery - some Gps will and some won't. I thought mine wouldn't becuase of my normal thyroid blood results, but the way I phrased it was that I wanted to check further into the possiblity of having hypothyroidism as I have many symptoms, so I am going to pay privately and would like to keep you informed, so could you send a referral. its worth trying if you want to give it a go. Rememeber to take DR skinners details with you so your dr knows who to write to.

I will send you a private message with dr skinners details as I don't know if its approriate to post it on here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll help you where I can.

Take care.


The tel no seems like a fax but if you wait, a message will come up and you can leave your own. Someone will then return your call but it may take a day or two. Hope you get help soon. It will be worth the effort! x


I believe the office is not manned all of the time.The telephone number is also a fax as Hennerton says.

You will be told to ask your GP to write a referral letter first then when it is received someone will phone you to offer an appointment. I would request your GP to send a referral. Give him Dr S's address.


Thanks to all of you! Will keep trying and keep you posted!


Such a shame. Bet there are lots of other people that hoped to see him and now never will get a chance.

I hope you manage to find someone else that will diagnose and treat you properly!


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