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Finally got my referral to Dr Skinner

Following my disappointing meeting with GP last week who kind of said i would need to look at other avenues to turn my health around such as a nutritionist or homeopath, I decided (following several peoples advice) to put my request in writing.

I feel a little sorry for my GP because this amounted to a four page document which discussed my medical history from childhood. I detailed past illnesses which I have learned have relevance to hypothyroid, such as glandular fever, tonsilitis, endometriosis, low blood pressure,early menopause re occurrent U.T.I.'S ,

I then went on to detail each and every symptom I suffer with, and treatments I have tried to ease each problem, and then finished up with family history, detailing my mothers thyroid problem and how she had to be given warfarin because her heart was under so much stress when they finally discovered she was hyperthyroid.

I then finished up by thanking her for all her previous help, but stated that I felt it was time to try this avenue now because I felt Dr Skinner may be able to offer me help etc and I am pleased to say that I received a phone call from the secretary today saying that my doctor had agreed to the referral and they would sort this for me!

I cannot tell you how happy this has made me (and hopefully I will have maintained a good working relationship with my GP should she agree to what Dr Skinner advises and possibly help support his wishes. (This maybe another story, but I would rather work with them than an uphill struggle.)

So Thanks for the advice guys re Gp Letter, and copying in practise manager (which I did) I also asked for a copy to be added to my notes.


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Well done! And good luck!


Congratulations and wish you well. Why do we have to go to such extremes to try to get well


Excellent and very positive


Thanks guys, I'm looking at this as a big step in the right direction (hopefully! ) x


Well done, my GP refuses downright to refer me to Dr S. What area of the UK are you in?


Hi gordies, I live in north Lincolnshire. That's a real shame about and unfair about your gp. Did you try the letter with medical history and signs /symptoms approach ?


hi Femme1, is there a sample letter anywhere I could look at? I was quite shocked as my GP already has patients on Armour and t3, maybe he is scared of Dr S and the GMC?


I have pm'd you a message with info.

Regards Femme1


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