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Blood test results

Female 47 and Hashimoto's. Recently been very unwell, signed off sick. I had Mri scans, ct scans and blood tests.

Bloods revealed ANA positive 1:80 with nucleolar pattern,

Peroxidase Ab 500

Gast. Parietal cell Abs positive


TSh 2.14

FreeT4 18.7

FreeT3 4.1

Should I be concerned?

it states I should have an ENA test for Sclerosis

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You DEFINITELY need a B12 test, as gastric parietal antibody is an indicator of pernicious anaemia. ANA positive can be something or nothing, sometimes they come positive and then go negative again (usually seen in connective tissue diseases such as Lupus or Scleroderma) the 1:80 indicates how many times it was diluted before the tests became negative. I would suggest you have this repeated again in 3 months time, and if it is still positive request a referral to a rheumatologist.


Thanks for your reply.

I had loads of tests done because I had so many symptoms, one was feeling like the bottom part of my body was on fire. I've also had Rashes come and go but I look like i've been in the sun, and have had a permanent flushed face for weeks now. Bizzare I know!!

My B12 was in range 250 (180-914)

I'm seeing an Endo for the first time and will take my tests with me. I would appreciate any other thoughts.



I understand that if you are suffering from thyroid disease your B12 should be towards the top end of the range, and yours is quite low, so supplementing it would be a good idea. ther's may have suggestions as to how best to get B12 as it is not always readily absorbed. LB


Did they test intrinsic factor antibodies?



not sure what they are but I tested negative for

Mitochondrial abs

smooth muscle abs

reticulin abs

LkM antibodies

These were all the anti body test,I meant to type 500 plus Peroxidase


Seems weird that they haven't tested IF antibodies when they've done all the others (I have no idea what they are by the way)!

The IF antibody test is diagnostic for Pernicious Anaemia, although only about 50% of sufferers test positive. Many more (something like 85-90%) have parietal cell antibodies, but for some reason this is not diagnostic for Pernicious Anaemia.

Your B12 is low enough to warrant concern/further testing/a trial of B12 therapy. At the very least see if you can get that IF antibody test. Don't forget to ask for folate, ferritin and vitamin D tests as well (if you've had these done, post the results). In a lot of cases these are too low as well.

Sounds like your doctor is being quite thorough, which is good, they just need a big nudge to look beyond those pesky lab ranges.

Take care x


If you look at this symptom checklist you'll see that Rosacea is a linked condition, just a thought because you mentioned having a flushed face. My husband suffers from Rosacea, GP's don't always recognise it.



Hi Hampster1,

I did look up Rosacea, my daughter was diagnosed with it last year. I also looked up Lupus, and seem to have symptoms...inflamed Knees, fatigue, muscle aches, (flu like symptoms) chest pain...went to A and E, ECG, told I was having anxiety attack but heart rate was on the slow side.

Here's some of my other tests

Folate 5.9 (>3.0)

Ferritin ?

Iron 18 (10.0-30.0)

plasma viscosity 1.70 (1.45-180)



Gosh...just looked this up, I had so many of these symptoms, most of which have come and gone over the past month, thank goodness.

I do think that I was quite stressed out just before I had this weird thing going on with my body!!



Yes, stress definitely makes it worse, and the other problem is so many of these autoimmune conditions have similar or cross-over symptoms. My GP blamed everything on my thyroid, but luckily for me my Endo was more open to suggestions and further testing. Then again, I see him privately, not sure I would have had much luck on the NHS... Try and get that IF antibody test, and all the things inkedup has suggested that are way outside my limited experience. x


My full story is here, my serum B12 was higher than yours is...



Why is it that we have to go private to get results?

My blood tests were also done privately by my spinal consultant. Lots of Nerve pain, pins and needles and burning in legs and feet. Thankfully my back is ok have had 2 ops previously.

I had high Lymphocytes in a test i had done at the daughters, lymph nodes up in neck and groin. GP said its a virus. I didn't feel i had a virus, yes I lost a stone in the past month, which is pretty good for doing nothing. I put on 2 stone over the past 2 years, going to the gym, running, kettlecise...ummm nothing makes much sense. While i was sick, i did loose my appetite for a couple of weeks but its back now.

I've also had on going Gastric probs, not sure if its a Hietus hernia but if i eat bread or pastry and sometimes hot lamb, it gets stuck in my esophagus and i end up chocking. I get heart burn and acid reflux too.

I will defo ask for the If abs test

thanks so much for letting me read your blog, was interesting reading!!

Nat x


Hi Nat, just noticed your comments re heart burn and acid reflux. Do you take anything for this? It's just that PPI's also inhibit your absorption of B12. Also, many people with thyroid/low B12 issues actually have LOW stomach acid rather than high, but this is in a lot of cases misdiagnosed as high. If you google low stomach acid you'll see the symptoms are very similar to high stomach acid. So you see if you then take antacids you will make the problem even worse. I hope this helps. x


I'll take a look hun. Went to my drs on Saturday morning to have a chat about my blood test, as he hadn't even seen them from my consultant. He wasn't worried about the low B12 but hopefully the Endo I'm seeing on thursday will pick this up. I shall take my results with me, so he can decide what to do.

Dr was puzzled cos there blood test didn't show any positive results.

As I need a test for Schlerdoma...soft tissue disease, he did say he wants me to have an endoscopy as when i eat bread, pastry or hot meat (as in heat) i chock on it, it gets lodged in my esophogus. He said i may have a narrowing of it. Also said it would be a good idea, to take Omraprozole for life??? What do u think?

He forgot to write out prescription, so would appreciate ur thoughts, as at least i can question this.

Thanks so much for ur help.



Hi Nat, I've sent you a private message in reply x


Hi Chris,

not sure if ur get this but thought I'd let you know that I'm getting my B12 tested again on Thursday, as still feeling really tired, headaches, flushed face, red palm of hands. Gastroscopy was disaterous as woke up lol had barium swallow that revealed acid reflux in throat.

Have been feeling crap now for 6 mths, I will ask again about instinsic factor testing.

Will keep in touch, hope ur ok hun

Nat x


Hi Nat, sorry to hear you're not feeling so good, what happened with the lovely Endo you found? Did the gastro manage to test for Coeliac etc or did they not finish the gastroscopy? So glad you're having your B12 retested, although I'm upset you're having to suffer while they dilly dally around. And you should insist on that IF antibody test, you were positive for parietal cell antibodies weren't you? Did you see the reply I posted earlier this morning with all the B12 links? So many questions!


Hi hun,

Sorry I've only ust seen this message tonite, even thou I've been on every day lol

My Gp tested for Coeliac and was negative and yes Ur right, I did test for Parietal cell antibodies.

I could kick myself with the Gastroscopy, test was inconclusive due to me waking up and grabbing the camera. I did have a Barium Swallow the followiing week, which dianosed reflux in the esophagus.

I had an ultra sound on thyroid and that was normal, Hashi's with no goiter, is that normal?

My lymph nodes under my jaw are always up and often up in neck to, this has been going on for 6 mths now hun.

i went to GP last week cos I had inflamation in the roof of my mouth, Dr saw red inflamed patches, so put me on oral steroids, also did my B12 bloods again with full blood count.

I went on Nature Troid, 2 day ago and today has been my best day for as long as i can remember. I haven't told Doc yet, got it off the internet cos there's only so much of feeling rough u can take.

Oh yea he put me on Omperazole...I did ask if I had Pernicious Anamia would the meds be ok and he said yes?

Always good to hear from you and I hope you are well hun?

Nat x


Hi Nat, I'm really good actually, thyroid seems stable on 5mg carbi and still on 2 weekly B12 jabs. I have Graves with no goiter, so I'm assuming you can have Hashi's with no goiter as well. My B12 jabs are up for review in September and I'm just hoping the doc will be willing to keep me on 2 weekly. I mean, if it aint broke don't fix it, right? My argument will be I'm well and not bothering them at the moment, so why reduce the frequency of my jabs. We'll see. Still on 5mg folic acid as well, and I'm trying to get my iron and vit D up a little bit too. It's good that you've had the B12 retest, as it can cause mouth issues, but so can low folate and low iron so make sure you get those tested too. I also tested negative for Coeliac, but I went gluten free anyway as I'm sure I have some kind of food issue. It does seem to help a lot, so I'm going to stick with it I think. I don't really know what to say about the Omeprazole, do you think you need it? Have you tried Gaviscon? It's a real shame about the gastroscopy as that might have given you some answers. It would be worth getting tested for H Pylori as well if they haven't already done so. Here is some recent research on PPI's which you can bring in to the doctor for discussion, next time he tells you that they are harmless:

Take care, Chris x


Hi Chris,

Glad ur stable hun x

I've just today had my B12 results back and they've dropped even lower but Dr says alls normal!!!

It's now 182?

My MCHC is 316 (320-360.00) and large stained cells is in the higher range.

The Dr I'm regularly seeing is now on holiday for 2 weeks and I feel so frustrated.

I've joined the PA society group today hping to get some more info, noticed ur a member lol

Also Lymphocytes are raised above normal level.

I had red patches in my mouth last week, doc gave me steroids for that. Where should I go next with these results hun?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Nat x


Most of the tests are for autoimmune problems usually associated with the liver and kidneys (autoimmune hepatitis and PBC) I have multiple autoimmune probs which is how i know, i am also gastric parietal antibody pos, and despite this and being a vegan my B12 is really good - yours is defo not. The red face and rashes is SUGGESTIVE (and i mean that only)of lupus too, so you really need that ANA repeating in a few months.


Hi Inkedup,

I have also had rashes on my neck and inside of my arms. I also thought it may be Lupus, inflamed Knee joints, burning sensations, so many different symptoms. I've taken pics of the rashes.

Seeing Endo on Thurs, so hopefully will get to the bottom of it, as I don't want another episode, was really quite scarey.

I'll definately get retested in a couple of months



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