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Blood test results

Hi. I have got a print out of my blood test results today but I could do with some help interpreting them. I asked for B12, folates etc to be tested but how do I know which result this is on the print out? I can's see anything that specifically says either of these and I don't really know what to look for. Also, for thyroid antibodies, what level should I be looking for? Thanks in advance

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Chickenmitch, if they were done you should see results against B12 and seperately against folate. Thyroid antibodies are thyroid peroxidase (TPO) or thyroglobulin (Tg).


Is it possible to take a photo of the results and post it here? If you edit your post above you'll see there's an option for attaching a picture.

If not, then it may be a question of typing them out here. But usually B12 is called B12, and folate is called folate, so if they're not there, it may be they haven't been tested... :-(

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There is nothing remotely like B12 or folate. I think she may have reprinted the results from the tests I had the week before. I only had the blood tests last Friday so maybe those results haven't come back yet and she reprinted the previous results


Chickenmitch, ask for results of the tests done 27/2/15. A week's usually long enough for most results to be returned and reviewed and signed off by the ordering GP. VitD can take a couple of weeks.


The receptionist was a bit clueless - I think I was lucky to come away with anything to be honest!! All that seems to be on the results is a liver function, a full blood count and something to do with blood clotting (according to Google)


They better have done the tests - I had to go in and beg!!!


They are definitely not there!!


Well, after 3 weeks my surgery finally admitted they did the wrong tests!! I had them repeated and finally have some results.

T4 11.4. (9.0 - 24).

TSH 2.51 (0.2 - 4.5

Vit D 71

B12. 466 (180 - 910)

Folate. 8.8

Ferritin. 47 (15 - 200)

Any comments please? Haven't had any antibody results - can't even be sure they did the test!



If you are on Levothyroxine you are undermedicated as TSH is a little high, most are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0. FT4 is low in range, optimal is towards or in the top 75% of range ie around 20. If you aren't on Levothyroxine ask for another thyroid test in 3 months as it looks as though you are going hypothyroid although you may struggle to get treatment until TSH is over range or FT4 drops below range.

Vit D is just below optimal 75-200. Most are happy with vitD around 100 so you could supplement 2-3,000iu daily until the end of April when ultraviolet light is strong enough to stimulate vitD.

B12 466 is <500 where neurological symptoms can be experienced. Supplement 500-1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches daily and take a B Complex vitamin to keep other B vits balanced. Folate looks ok.

Ferritin is low. Optimal is half way through range. Supplement Ferrous Fumarate and take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation. Retest after 6 months and stop supplementing iron 2 weeks prior to test.


Thank you so much for the reply Clutter. I am not on any medication - I don't even have a diagnosis. In fact, doctor is not taking me seriously at all and I had to request these tests following advice on this forum. I recently asked for thyroid antibodies to be tested but they seem to have repeated thyroid function again! There has been a slight change since January. Is this just normal fluctuation or could it be significant?

T4 (January) - 12.8 T4 (March) 11.4

TSH (January) - 2.33 TSH (March) - 2.51

The only other thing that looks a bit odd to me (although I have no idea what I'm looking for to be honest!!) is that in my blood tests my iron saturation level is 39% (15-40). This seems high but the ferritin level is quite low. Does anyone know what that means?



Chickenmitch, FT4 dropping and TSH rising since January indicates thyroid function is failing. The time of day you test can affect TSH which is usually highest early in the morning but FT4 doesn't fluctuate according to circadian rhythms like TSH. It may be worth fasting before your next test too as TSH drops after food.

Post a new question about iron and ferritin levels. There are members with more experience than I.


Thanks for the reply Clutter. I don't think the doctor will test me again for some time - she has already made it clear that she doesn't think there is a problem!! The first TSH test I had done was at about 9 o'clock and the second one was at nearly midday so that is interesting. I will wait and see if any antibody results come back as I only had the test last Tuesday, but I have a sneaky feeling the test wasn't done.


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