freaking out over results. can anyone help? im on Armour

I got my blood test results back yesterday and dont know what to do now.

TSH 0.6

FT4 9.4

NO FT3 for some reason even though requested. Nurse says to wait that may come through after the weekend!

TPO 629 ( was over 1000 this time last year)

Anti nuclear anti body now negative (was positive in 2010- test for autoimmune conditions)

The nurse said TPO fine! just looked on Thyroid uk. I have hashimotos, is that right?

Im worried im oing into hyperthyroid with a TSH of 0.6, but my hyper symptoms are not present. Im still tired and and have severe vertigo.

When i had this test i was on 1 and 3/4 grains ( i had to fight for the last quarter!) After the test i went up to two and have been feeling better, but im thinking i should drop back down until i get the FT3 result.

I know my doc will freak at a TSH of 0.6. When it was 4.73 she was happy and didn't want to up the dose. Now she will probably cut the dose and i dont think that is right

What next? could this be a slight swing into hyper because of the hashis? do i now need to get full iron panel done and look again at B12 and D3.

Yesterday i was shocked and today i think well i still have symptoms so it cant be right

Any advice?!

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  • Sorry in a rush as off to school pickup, but to me you still look under-medicated :D What is the range for your ft4? My results looked very similar on 1 3/4 grains and I still had symptoms such as vertigo. I'm now on 3 grains and am SO much better. My TSH on 2.5 grains was <0.02. I'm afraid that you may need to find a new doctor who understands that TSH should be suppressed on NDT. Xxx

  • thank you!

  • i think we are almost the same Clare and am thankful i found you! :) I will have to go armed to the teeth when i see her next. She at least understands the value of FT3 so maybe there is hope xxx

  • A low tsh doesn't automatically mean you are hyperthyroid. On its own a low tsh doesn't tell you much at all. There could be a problem if your free t3 is over range..... But note, that is could, not is.

    You are not there to make your doc happy, you are there for her o make you happy and well. If she freaks at a tsh of 0.6 when you are on meds, then she had better undertake some more training as her knowledge is sadly lacking. Refer her to this press release from almost 3 years ago.......

    And don't panic! My tsh has been 0.02 for years and years.


  • thank you

  • i'll read this after tea. now time for some curry! :) xx

  • My TSH is 0.01 and am not overmedicated. I am well. The main thing to ask when on thyroid medication is 'how do I feel'. If horrible, increase dose. If well keep on same dose.

  • Thats what i think. I was well on 1 and 3/4 grains for some time but I slowly worsened i guess as my body realised it needed more. I will wait for the FT3 results after the weekend. im sure that will paint a better picture

  • Yes, I am sure it will. It is disappointing when you begin to flag a little but sometimes a small increase does the trick.

  • I'm not in the UK but have read many, many posts that they refuse to test FT3 and even when the GP requests it, the labs just don't do it. I'm assuming this is through the NHS, though. I hope you don't have the same problem but don't be totally surprised if you do.

  • I was wondering that but they did it last time with a request from my nurse. im gonna go ballistic if they do and will go there myself!

  • you were right.. my tsh was in range so they didnt do ft3. LAB W**KERS! :)

  • Dreadful, such an IMPORTANT blood test for you right now. Could you afford to have it done through Blue Horizon? They make it so difficult but I would insist on the test if she tries to lower your dose. I'm sure you can find several sources that speak about the negligible TSH when properly medicated like this:

    Scroll down to TSH. This is an excellent website.

  • Im in tomorrow for FT3 thankfully the doctor and my nurse know the importance of FT3. It was written down to do but they still ignored it. something i found while scooting around the internet on labtestsonline:

    A FT3 blood test determines whether the thyroid is performing properly, and is used mainly to help diagnose hyperthyroidism, since T3 can become abnormal earlier than T4 and return to normal later than T4.

    FT3 is not usually helpful if your doctor thinks you have hypothyroidism.

  • Sorry, that is all well and good if the patient has no symptoms but if they do and some investigation needs to be done, the FT3 is vital.

    If it is in the lower range and the FT4 is in the higher range, it means you are not converting your T4 to T3 for some reason (and there are all sorts). Your T4 could be turning into reverse T3 which is not useful for anything. Here is how they determine the ratio which should be 20.

    If they try to adjust your dose, try to get that test first.

  • Hi shaws hoping for a bit of advice. had a call from nurse the lab didnt do my ft3 because my tsh was within range. the nurse has said to come in tomorrow to get the ft3 done. i upped my dose from 1 and3/4 grains to 2 grains 4 weeks and and a few days ago. I know they recommend 6 weeks for labs but since i didnt get an ft3 result before i think i should do it. what do you think? Im doing well on Armour and 2 grains is working very well for me. I think its best to do it as it will calm my mind a bit im still worried about blood result even though i have no hyper symptoms at all! xx

  • I think after 4 weeks most of the effect will show in your blood test. Also good to get test done while you are feeling well. Glad you are feeling better :) xx

  • thanks! just took my last tab for the day. have appt at 9.30. that should be ok? I am dizzy again unfortunately but recovering quickly, phew. I had 2 glasses of sangria at the weekend and BAM it was back! admittedly was also worrying about the Doc and labs too :( but already recovering so all good!

  • I would follow Clarebear's advice - also take your meds after your blood tests or if you dose at night, miss out this dose.

    I am glad you are doing well too. It is a great feeling to feel better.

  • PS I just saw your reply to Clare.

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