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Can anyone help understand results

Can anyone explain these reading they from December so need be tested again thought was getting better as he said normalised but starting feel nit good again dizzy very fatigued bright lights too much. Anxious plus cough throat not right and pain around neck chest ears maybe from goitre.

Tsh 0.02

Ft4 21.5

Ft3 5.0

Tpo 75.9

Tbii 2.1

Vit d 32.1

New to this thanks x

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Hi Flowerpotgirl, welcome. :)

A bit more detail would help us a lot. Were you diagnosed as under active (hypothyroid) or overactive (hyperthyroid)? How long ago? We’re you started on any treatment, if so, what?

And do you have the ranges for those results. Labs vary a lot, so we need the reference ranges to make better sense of the results.


Sorry it's all new to me was diagnosed Nov after having baby july . Have just had scan fri for groitre. Was diagnosed over active but then December when seen consultant he later said levels normalised so no tablets but feel rotten very dizzy just want go bed very fatigued struggling concentrate itchy scalp headaches cough still clearing my throat strange pains in neck shoulders now chest. Aches tops legs. Very cold as well.

Nit got ranges in letter just says after it normalised apart from tpo says positive!

Trying learn about this disease seems complicated but am sure something wrong I'm not right can't wait till 12 feb. Heard technician fri say cat scan so might need that. Thanks for your help x


Ah right, ok - thanks for the extra details. Yes, it’s not uncommon in pregnancy for thyroid issues to crop up. It does look as though you may have Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune version of hypothyroidism (the most common type of hypothyroidism). Now I know you’re thinking - but they told me it was overactive! - and yes, it was. But it’s likely it’ll swing about a bit, and eventually, some years from now you may well go on to develop hypothyroidism proper.

For now, your doctor appears to be right (as best as I can judge without the ranges). But you may well be low in iron or B12 - did you have gas and air during labour? Nitrous oxide does quite a number on B12 levels and it can take a while for them to come back up. Might be worth asking for them to be tested, alongside an iron profile to check for anaemia.


Your Vit D looks to be on the low side too. Would be well worth asking your doctor whether it’s under the laboratory reference range and whether you’d benefit from taking supplements. Normally I’d just tell you to do that anyway but without the ranges it’s not so easy to tell - however, I think your result is in the insufficient part of the range.


Thanks I think I have that hashimto I've rang doctor for another app as my neckshoulders really sore all time just wish knew what was going on.

Didn't have gas n air had c section funny as not felt right for while was ill all through pregnancy so wonder how long had it.

Hopefully hear re scan results soon but sure she said need cat scan don't know why that scares me x