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Pregnancy & No doctor

Hi, I would like some advice on meds and trying for a baby and being pregnant.

I was under Dr Skinner (whom many will know, but sadly he passed away) Dr Skinner diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism last year (after 8-9 years worth of symptoms), although my bloods are NORMAL. I have tried thyroxine and armour some prescribed by him, some myself but cost has been an issue as well as not being under a doctor to supervise and direct me on dose etc. so I have been a little on and off them this year. I may have seen some improvement in weight management on armour, but struggled noticing lots of improvement, wanting to try T3 next.......

Now wanting to try for first baby after getting married last month, currently on no thyroid, considering trying T3 now cash flow better, but unsure what the right thing to do is regarding getting pregnant and throughout if it happens?? should i self medicate thyroid meds, which ones etc etc??

The whole situation worrys me normally because of no doctor and cant afford to see a private one again who may not even prescribe, but what to do when a baby is involved too.

Any advice welcomed.

Thank you

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You could ask GP for another thyroid blood test as you want to try for a baby. If you do succeed, make sure you have the blood test as early in the day as possible, 8.00am ish. That also applies if you are pregnant.


I've been having them all last year and a couple this year, probably last time was few months ago...... every time normal (admittedly t3 t4 not tested last time, such hard work getting it done, tsh normal and others normal last year. But I may still ask a different gp to test all again

:O) thank you


Frostypants, it's a lower thyroid normal when trying to conceive or newly pregnant. TSH should be in the lower range 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in the upper 75% of range.


thank you for this link - extremely helpful


Frostypants, my apologies, I called you Cherie in error (I've edited the name now).


maybe I will decipher it more, check my last results, ask for re testing now and show gp this information/guidelines


Frostypants, if you post your recent results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) members will be happy to advise.


will get some results thanks, and sorry, changed my username tonight, new to group & didn't want to use my full name really so openly



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