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Endo visit , lovely man. agreed to me taking Armour


Hi all ,

Sitting in my new hospital room with a view over the rooftops , thought I'd share with you part of my yesterday experience .

On Monday am the haematology nurse and I conspired to put TSH T4 and T3 on the bloods form . sneeky

10.00 am visit from consultant and entourage . Doing well on chemo ,looking after my diet well with help from family and flushing with gallons of water . A discussion arose between my champion young lady Dr , the consultant and I about the thyroid . They would chase up the Endo but not worried as the last tsh test was ok . Ha Ha , vindication was mine when the young Dr came to see me that afternoon and said that the tsh result from that day had wacked up to 14 from 0.01 originally . I told you I needed my own meds , I think she was happy too , it showed her championing my cause and calling Endo was justified .

BIGGEST NEWS THOUGH Endo Dr R came to see me in the morning .

He said "can I ask you some questions" , I said "it will be easier and if I can tell you my story " . He listened well asking intelligent questions as we went along . He was correct in his calculations of equivalent armour / thyroxine and acknowledged that so was I .

He offered to prescribe some T3 to go with the Thyroxine but asked me what I would prefer to do . I said that because getting the balance T4/T3 is sometimes difficult with patients who are not in my position is not easy , that I felt that it would be difficult for me to guage how well it was working , given that I will have increasing effects from the chemo .

We decided between us that I would start on my own Armour using the circadian rythm method . I would do this myself , so that these meds would not be locked away , but under my own control . I had been taking 2 or 2.5 grains when I was well .

We decided that I would take 1 grain split into 2 halves for a week , and increase to 1.5 grains if I felt the need .


I can definately recommend him if you are in the Stafford area and need a referal ,

always assuming we keep this hospital of course .

so have taken 1/2 grain at 5.00 am and 1/2 grain at 10.30 am . Feel a lot brighter and a little more energy detected , obviously early days , but very positive so far .

Wishing you all well as usual

Alison xx

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It's brilliant and wish you a good, quick recovery. Would it be possible for you to have a consultation with a private doctor who may be able to say that you have untreated hypo?

Best wishes

dispensing in reply to shaws

Thanks Shaws ,

Maybe , but frankly , since Dr R has agreed to my self medicating ,thats my best bet , and actually I was not untreated ,j ust inadequately treated on 50 mcg thyroxine .

I have to stay in hospital for 2x10 days of chemo , checks then another 10x2 days of consolodation chemo to get rid of the potential leukemia . Then a prolonged period of recovery and bone marrow checks . I also have aplastic anemia caused by the radiotherapy in 2005 . That cannot be cured , so at some point I will probably have to have stem cell transplant .

My main aim , is to get through this , feeling as good as I can , and the Armour does that for me . Saving myself for the main bout .

Thanks for suggestion though


twinks in reply to dispensing

Well done for conspiring lol see you were right. lol wish you well and with your endo Dr helping and agreeing with you to regulate your own meds that's brilliant.

Wow - sounds like a great endo :) Please could you send me a PM with his name, so that I can ensure that Louise adds him to her list of good endos? Many thanks and I hope the chemo goes as well as it can. Clare xxx

dispensing in reply to Clarebear

hi clarebear . already sent details to louise



Great news! Sending you my best wishes xx

Wow, good for you! Still making sure you get what you need in your position.

I totally admire you and wish you all the best! x x x

Wishing you a speedy recovery and my best wishes.........wow a great endo....amazing :)

Do wish you well dispensing. Just goes to prove that it is not the building but the number of good people in it that are helping you. Hope they continue to do so. Janet.

thank you for your feedback would you know the doctor in stafford i am desperate to try this medication armour denise tomlinson

dispensing in reply to cosmos

Hi Denise , Dr R cannot prescibe Armour he says as its unliscensed in this country . I have put his name on Louises recomended doctors . I found him very knowlegeable . But I am using my own Armour . He is willing to prescribe combinations of t3 and thyroxine . I guess if you have already tried these , then he may be able to monitor you on Armour . He is not likely to go down this route unless you've exhausted all other possibilities . I dont think you will ever get nhs prescription . It's unlicenced in this country . I will private message you with his name .

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