Adding Armour to Levothyroxine

For the last 2 months I have been adding T3 to my 150mcg of Levo but have found that all my joints have become very painful. Dr S has now replaced the T3 with Armour, half a grain for the first month and 1 grain in a month's time. I currently take my T4 at bedtime and am unsure when to add in the Armour. Any advice would be very welcome.

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  • When were you taking your T3? Perhaps you could take your Armour at the same times that you were taking your T3? x

  • To be honest I found it really difficult to time the doses around meals and drinks but generally mid morning and then mid afternoon aswell when I went on to 40mcg. Thanks for the suggestion though - I will start with mid morning and see how it goes. I am disappointed that the T3 didn't make me feel any better, the strange thing is that I finished the T3 a week ago and after a slump when I was exhausted, I feel much better. Ah well, onwards and ...onwards?

  • Hi - maybe try the Armour first thing in the morning (1/2 a grain) and then when you go up to 1 grain add the other half at about 11am?

    Onwards and upwards :) xx

  • I have been trying to make a sort of timetable of when to take things. I have my T4, Armour,(1 dose now then 2), blood pressure meds, vitamins with folate and then food and drink. The fly in the ointment is that recently Rod mentioned that there should be 12 hours between any iron and thyroid meds. I'm not sure of what gap there should be between BP meds and T4/Armour but I think I'd better eat now while there's a window!

  • Maybe phone Dr S and ask, I know it is all to easy to forget to ask stuff when there with him, I always go away thinking I should have asked that and that etc

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