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Switching Armour to Levo

Hi All,

I have been on 1 grain of armour and 50mcg of levo daily. Since taking armour I have had problems with sweating, my endo said my ft3 was on the high side (sorry no tests to show) and decided I take on alternative days 1/2 grain and 50mcg and gave me a script for 1grain and 1/2 grain. I haven't been too well lately I've had bad headaches and neck pain, this causes pressure in my head and my eye sight feels strange and generally feel really out of sorts, in the afternoon I am out of it and feel so tired. Doctor is treating me for spondylitis but recently I noticed actavis took over forest and I refused the brand levo manufactured by actavis because I always felt unwell taking that brand which made me feel like my throat was swollen the same as what's going on with me now but didn't have the neck pain and headaches. I did try the alternative 1/2 grain with levo but had migraines and went back to 1grain and 50mcg of levo.

Now to the point is there another reputable NDT that I can ask my endo for or could I just stop taking the 1 grain and add another 50mcg making it 100mcg daily and can I do the switch asap or slowly. Since being on the armour my BP has raised as well as my cholesterol, feel like am a mess at the minute.

Any advice would be welcome.

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Did you have your blood test at the earliest possible and fasting? Did you leave about 24 hours between your last dose and the test and take it afterwards?


Hi Shaws,

I cant remember if I took my thyroid meds before fasting but usually when I have bloods done for TSH I don't take my meds until bloods have been done.


Thyroid hormones have to be taken with one full glass of water on an empty stomach and wait about an hour before eating (daily).

You are doing the right thing taking meds after blood test. :)


I do shaws, I have never been quite right on armour so am thinking of going back to levo, I didn't have the raised BP when taking levo and use the brand mercury pharma maybe I could ask my endo to put me on 100mcg of levo and 1/2 grain of armour so that am getting some of the other hormones.


Do what you think is best for you. We should have some say-so in what is prescribed when the aim is relief of clinical symptoms.

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