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tsh t4 t3 and chemo for pre- leukemia

Hi everyone , firstly thanks for all your'e great comments .

This is day 17 since my admission to Hospital . I have had a Hickman line put in on Thurs ,

That allows chemo in and bloods out without needles . Not great but in comparison to my previous surgeries pretty minor . Chemo started on friday so this is day 3 of 10 days first session . So far so good , have drunk gallons of water to flush and don't feel too bad . Having lots of blood transfusions as well to keep me going .

Interesting to our Hypo stories , I have managed to engage the interest of a young Dr on the haematology team in my thyroid . I explained that I had been taking Armour , bought from America after extensive research and was taking 2 or 2.5 grains depending on working or not working day , by the circadian rythm method . And that had been working well for me up until last nov when I started to feel breathlessness , and had to stop 2 or 3 times on the way to work from the car park . I increased armour by a little for a week or so and didn't feel any better ,so went back to 2 grains only . Had chest infection Dec and Antibiotics , recovery was very slow and was even tireder gave up trying to get back to excercise classes . Pretty much the same over dec and jan and found working my 3 days a week very difficult as its a stressfull very busy environment and as Dispensing Optician

responsibility for what we do is mine . Kept Armour at same level but after a massive infection in feb I never fully recovered , more breathless and heart rate started to climb .

reduced Armour dose by 1/2 but heart rate did not reduce . Started to conclude that something else was going on . Booked appt with favourite gp for 2nd May , but things progressed so quickly from there that I had to deal with the duty dr during the week before i was admitted .

Anyway the young Doctor here said that my TSH(sorry no ranges) was 0.01 and T3 was 8 when I came in . Got to conclude T3 not being used cos I was flat on my back at home for 2 weeks . After I had been in for 8 days she checked again TSH gone up and T3 gone down to 2 . I havn't seen these results myself but she has done a referral to the Endo for me .

During the time I have been here , I've been taking the thyroxin only prescribed on my nhs repeat prescriptions . I had to explain the calculations to her that made the comparison between 50 mcg Thyroxine , and 2 Grains Armour . t4 = 38mcg x 2 and T3 9mcg x 2

and then taking into account that T3 is approx 4 times as strong as T4 . This is equivalent to 148 mcg of thyroxine only . I explained about the T3 suppressing the TSH and that thyroxine only even at higher doses does not work for me . her eyes nearly popped out of her head .

hopefully I can talk as well to the endo when he finally arrives (i'm in isolation because of low immune levels with the chemo , so can't go to him ) .

Even stranger is that I have my brain working again today after 3 bags of blood transfusions . I must have good levels of someone else's thyroid hormones in me .


I have my Armour here to take , if the endo agrees . But i think it will have to be no more than one grain a day , so that I dont get overmedicated on blood trandfusion days .

Hope this is not too long winded , I am finding it fascinating .

I found a lovely sit on facebook for leukemia survivors . there advice is to try to sleep through the bad times and make the most of the good , so if i don't post for a while , either

I'm asleep , or the T3 has dropped through the floor again .

I hope you all had a great weekend , catch up soon .

love Alison

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It's nice to have an up-date and pleased things are going well for you.

I hope you are out of hospital soon.

Best wishes


I think your brain is working better than mine!

Of course, any blood transfusion will most likely have its own amount of thyroid hormone from the donor. Scratching my head to think through whether that is, or is not, significant! :-)

All the best



Hi Alison - interesting thoughts re the thyroid hormones from the blood transfusion - have never thoughht of this before :D Good luck with the endo when he makes an appearance and hope things go well for you. The FB group sounds very inspirational xxxx


Hi Alison,

Good morning .. your sounding quite chirpy considering your enclosed in your own little world/ ward in the hospital right now.

I pray that your treatment goes really well for you and your home and feeling well again soon. Take advantage :-) of all the nurses running around after you while your there and just rest and get well.


Gosh that's very interesting news regarding your blood transfusions ... mmmm


Hi Alison nice to hear off you and glad things rant too bad for you, good luck with the Endo

Love Theresa x


Hi , thanks for all your comments .

Be well



Hi there, hope your treatment goes well. Lovely to hear how it's going. Take care x


Hi hope things go well for you Alison xx I think we could all do with a couple of bags of blood for a bit of energy :) will look forward to reading how you go on, warmest hugs and if you cant sleep and feel up to a chat im usualy around lurking being a bit of an insomniac :)x x


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