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Low t4 and weight gain advice needed😒

Hi all

Looking to pick your (hopefully not too foggy) brains.....

Currently on armor - felt great at 2 1/4 grains but local doctors (I also see private endo) said tsh was low showing I need to decrease my armor. Which I did, by a 1/4 grain. Blood test after blood test, this went on till I was on 1 3/4 grains.

I went to doctors with some other (I thought unrelated) issues and new doctor said your recent thyroid bloods say your T4 is low! -14.1 and you are very hypothyroid! You need some thyroxine now. (Now back up to 2 1/4 grains armour for 3 months to see it goes) In fact it hadn't been good for the last x3 blood tests?!?! You should be increasing your armour and not decreasing!

Anyways, since the start of all these decreases (6months) I have put on nearly a stone? Is this then due to the falling T4?

I am also an athlete and cannot lose this weight despite my 3 hours daily exercise regime and a very strict, healthy diet?

Many thanks x

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I think your weight gain is due to being under medicated Natalie286.

Text from link below states:

Because doctors view the TSH man-made lab as infallible, they fail to understand that the continued symptom complaints by patients reveal that the lab and its range is unreliable and a huge failure!

Patients who have switched to natural desiccated thyroid have discovered that when they are allowed to dose by the COMPLETE elimination of symptoms, which also puts the free T3 at the top of the range, they will end up with a TSH lab VERY BELOW range….and not one hint of hyperthyroid.

It is not uncommon to see a TSH of .009 or .004 when optimal, for example, yet not one iota of hyper. (If you do have a suppressed TSH with hyper-like symptoms, it’s time to check your adrenal status or your Reverse T3/Free T3 ratio. The STTM book has more information about the latter.)

Additionally, patients see both their heart health and their bone strength completely improve, even with a TSH far below the so-called normal range, when on an optimal amount of desiccated thyroid and strong adrenals or adequate adrenal support.

Don't be bullied in to switching back to Levothyroxine. You felt well on Armour and if previously training for 3 hours a day, it obviously suited you.

Can you ring/write to your private endo to discuss?



Thanks flower 007 - will hold out on my increased dose and hope this weight shifts! I'm hoping x


Natalie286, GPs are trained to recognise what labs should look like on Levothyroxine. They aren't taught about NDT or T3 and don't know that T4 will usually be low on either and TSH low or suppressed. You don't need Levothyroxine, just more NDT.


Thanks clutter - am crossing this increase sees me ok and this dreaded weight gone 😘


What a shame they took you off a dose you felt well on :-(

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I know right? But I'm still relatively new to all this so I was very trusting of what the docs said 😒


Trusting these ignorant doctors is unfortunately what has made so many of our lives so difficult. It's hard enough to get a diagnosis, and even then, most doctors don't know how to properly read the labs or prescribe medicine.

Number 3 on the page below:


So right I know. When you're new you have no idea either - very naughty of them!


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