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Will my blood sample degrade in the post?

I'm planning to have my blood sampled for a full thyroid screen. As I understand, the earlier in the morning the sample is taken the better as far as TSH levels are concerned. However, sampling blood early means the sample will be in transit in the post for a longer period of time before it reaches the laboratory in quesiton. I'll choose royal mail special next day delivery guaranteed by 1pm, which means the sample may be in the post for at least 24 hours up to a maximum of 30 hours. Is this ok?

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I cannot answer your question but I would phone the lab you are going to use for confirmation.




If anyone's sample has taken this long (24-30 hour) to reach the destination and they've got expected/confirmatory results, I'd be grateful to know. Thanks.


Hi, I had this same worry when sending my first am bloods off, so I contacted someone at blue horizon , I was told that the yellow gel stuff an the bottom of specimen tube was there to stop the blood 'going off' I was going to keep blood in my fridge until last post and then send for minimum time in transit, i.e. warm place, but the man on the phone said i didn't need to and just pop into the post a.s.a.p/

Hope this helps :-)

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Thanks, I think that so long as they arrive by less than 48 hours later, the samples should still be stable. So you needn't worry and just have to put it in the post ASAP. That's for blood samples, saliva samples need to be frozen though before posting. :)


Hi The tests available on line are suitable to post. However, only send Monday to Thursday , as weekend that is too long.

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