Pin prick not giving enough blood sample

Ways to take blood


A friend (ex nurse) did pin prick on finger to send sample away.

Tried two fingers and a thumb for an hour. Only drips ! Strange as I usually bleed (red head, very heavy periods etc)..

Efficient speedy reply stated not enough blood to test. They are sending me Another for free🤗

Advice please( I did as adviced...warm finger, shake, fist, elastic band etc).


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  • Yep me too. And second time around I did the same spot on the same finger with the lancet and then attacked it with a not sharp enough kitchen knife. Still no joy.

    So I had to get the vacutainer and get a nurse friend to draw blood from my arm. So a small bottle of my red stuff for two bottles of aldi's red for the nurse. At least you know a nurse if you need the vacutainer 👍

  • You made me chuckle. Thankyou

  • Lol Kitti1

    My mum paid the additional £25 to get the bloods drawn at local hospital phlebotomy clinic if you still have difficulties and can't manage it?

  • Thankyou. It was the bloodless fingers that had me stumped

  • I took advice from here, drank loads of water, had a hot shower, went on my stepper for ten minutes, soaked fingers in hot water for 5 minutes, boy did it work!! I couldn't stem the flow!!!! Had to keep my arm elevated to stop it! Normally I can't get enough.....😀

  • Super thanks.

  • Love your name

  • Hello Gingergirl 1948,,,,as a T2 diabetic,,getting a blood spot is a task,,I have found that keeping my fingers and thumb warm,,I use the left thumb,,,I usually find while sitting up in bed,,while nice and warm,,is the best time,,,,and press on the thumb joint,,to push the blood into the tip of the thumb,,,and warm washed hands,,not an alcohol wipe they are cold and close the little veins down,,and blood won't appear,,,,good luck,,,ttfn from karen.

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