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Genova Diagnostics Thyroid Plus test- what is the best way to deliver/return my blood sample back to Genova?

I am having my blood drawn tomorrow, this is for Thyroid Plus profile by Genova. I am wondering what is the best way to return blood sample to them? do I go to post office? I do not know how to sort out the courier? I am stressed out about safe and quick delivery. Please help. Thank you.

E x

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Hi E, i don't know about Genova but I did mine through Blue Horizon, they give you a prepaid envelope that just gets posted in any post-office pillar box, it arrived with them the next working day. Did you not get a SAE with yours ? Perhaps you could email/phone them and ask the best way ?

All the best x


Thank you flatfeet. E xx


I just thought, may be the place where you are getting the blood drawn posts it off for you or gives you the envelope to post it in, perhaps check with them before you go.



I just go to genova and have blood drawn there. U must use a courier,if u post it will take too long and affect your result. The courier instructions are in the envelope u were sent


Thanks Bluedaffodill . E x


You send them 'guaranteed, next day' before 1pm Monday - Thursday.


Thank you powderpuff. E x


Genova send all the necessary instructions and packaging you need to send it via courier or with Royal Mail. If you send it via Royal Mail they ask you to return the courier envelope to them with the blood samples (presumably so they can send it to someone else to use.)

I got the blood drawn for the Thyroid Plus test last week. I returned it using Royal Mail. If you can't post the parcel immediately, then keep the blood in the fridge until the last possible moment. Follow the packaging instructions they include and return their courier envelope to them in the packaging. Don't forget to fill in the payment details on the form they send, and include it in the packaging.

When you go to the Post Office, make sure you take your parcel there well before the last collection for the day. You do NOT want to miss the last collection. Ask for guaranteed next day delivery. It cost between £6 and £7 I think, but I wouldn't swear to it.

Hope that helps.


Thank you. Very helpful, however I needed to postpone blood drawing for tomorrow. E


For the test I did, I went and asked at my local Spire Hospital. They offer a phlebotomy service. In the past I've also had blood drawn by my local NHS hospital before now. I phoned up and asked if they did it if I provided all the tubes and instructions and they said yes they did. There was a fee of just over £7 at my NHS hospital. I'm waiting for the bill from the Spire Hospital but I've no doubt it will cost more.


Thank you for a replies. Much appreciated. Still unsure if not better to do same day delivery - I am sorry I am not English, I am finding hard way how to do things in this country. Hence all the questions. Best wishes . E.


I think if Genova wanted the blood delivered to them on the same day that it was taken they would have insisted on it being delivered by a courier and would have given instructions to that effect.

But they don't.

"Guaranteed next day delivery" by the post office is acceptable to Genova. Even if you used the courier service (which is much more expensive than using the mail) I don't think the courier service guarantees same day delivery, they only guarantee next day delivery.

I think you are worrying too much, and are over-thinking this.


Wow, so if my GP (which he won't) will not test me for anything except my TSH I can call this company and get blood tests? And the blue horizon gives you what you need to carry out the blood tests? You just have to go to the closest hospital (Queens in Romford) ask the phlebotomy dept to do this. Pay the. Of course?? Correct? My GP is pretty useless, I had to go private all the way. I am sure he will send me for my goitre scan on NHS but that's about it. This is good news hope I am reading and understanding this correctly???


There are lots of ways you can get blood tests done without involving the NHS, but of course they all cost money.

I have personally used Blue Horizon Medicals, and also Genova Diagnostics UK. Other companies are available...

Blue Horizon have several websites :


This one is for finger prick samples which you can do at home, and then just send off in the post. Obviously there are limits as to which tests can be done with such small amounts of blood. I've never tried this particular site, but I've read of plenty of people who have and found it perfectly acceptable.


This one is for full blood testing (i.e. a full blood sample in a tube is required). This site and the testing is done in conjunction with Spire Hospitals. The phlebotomy service is included in the price, and the sample is just left at the Spire Hospital for processing.


Similar to number 2 except it is done in conjunction with Nuffield Hospitals.


This is for people who can arrange their own phlebotomy and are happy to send blood samples through the post.

Genova Diagnostics UK have one site :

They do blood and saliva testing. People can either use the phlebotomy service suggested by Genova (in London and Surrey) - phone up to confirm it is available and open first :

or they can make their own arrangements to have blood drawn.

Samples are usually sent back through the post using guaranteed next day delivery, or they are sent via courier, again for next day delivery. All instructions, kit and packaging required is sent to the patient when the order is made. Payment details are only given when the samples are returned.

For Genova, they require the name of a practitioner or doctor to put on their records. If you use the name "Thyroid UK" that is acceptable.

I can't remember if the requirement is the same for Blue Horizon, sorry.

More info can be found here :


Thank you so much. Great info for the future. X x


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