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I had my upper gi endoscopy today and they found an ulcer. I’ve been prescribed 40mg omeprazole twice a day. Anyone experience side effects with this?

Is it best to stop taking the famotidine or shall I continue to take that as well? Any advice on what not to do with an ulcer?

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I have taken omeprazole in the past and never had any side effects. I know very little about Ulcers I thought they were treated with antibiotics, the hospital or your GP should be giving you information about what you should and shouldn’t be doing now. Sometimes they are very lapse in doing so, maybe arrange a telephone appointment with your GP to advise you.

Hi, did they test for H. Pylori as well ? I think antibiotics get given if you test positive for that.

From what I know the PPI's are the best thing to heal the ulcer and avoiding things like spicy food and alcohol help as well.

I have been on PPI's for about 2 years now and not had any side effects.

Hope you heal up soon

Yes I am sure that is what they said. There is no bacteria and I’m not a spicy food person nor do I drink anymore!

The PPI should sort it out for you and help it heal. Oh try not to take things like ibuprofen or anything similar as that can aggrevate issues. Hope you start feeling better soon.

I have been on omeprazole 20mg fir 3 months and the only side effect for me was constipation. I have now reduced it to 10mg and the constipation issue appears to have resolved

PPIs are proton pump inhibitors. The proton pumps are in your stomach lining and produce hydro holistic acid to break down your food so you can absorb the nutrients.

They are helpful in healing ulcers as they stop acid from preventing them heal.

They are meant for short term use of up to 8 weeks. They are not to be used long term except under specific circumstances. They are a leading cause of B12 deficiency and pernicious anaemia so do not take them for any longer than needed. They are badly over subscribed.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you Martin. I have only been prescribed them for 6 weeks. It’s just to get rid of the ulcer. I was on them before and then taken off them. This time there’s an ulcer to get rid of though

That’s good. Your GP knows what they’re doing. Some people have been on them for years and there are clear risks with that. Wishing you a speedy recovery

Thank you for your words. It’s so painful! Hopefully get rid ASAP

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