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Can IBS cause upper GI problems

I wondered is it possible to suffer upper digestive problems with your ibs. I get pain under sternum, right of centre under right ribs into right shoulder and back. Not severe, along with nausea at times and loads of burping. I had an abdominal scan so no gall bladder probs. Small amount of burning but not much, I know I have had these flares but never at same time as an ibs one. Dr said I also have functional dyspepsia but I wondered can it all be ibs. The pain can go from very low in abdomen pubic region to right up under where ribs meet.

Any advise appreciated

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I had been diagnosed with IBS several years ago. Look up intussusception. I was forced to research myself and had recently (last two years) discovered this to be a problem for me.I've had many of the symptoms described above...several MRI's and CT's that did not reveal anything. I feel I am also full of adhesions due to multiple surgeries. Eating smaller portions of well-balanced meals and water after, separated by four to six hours in between the meals has been very helpful. Not eating after 6PM is important.

With all due respect, the medical profession is not keeping up with what is happening to our food supply. It has become harder to digest because it has been engineered to last longer.


Having had IBS for 20+ years, I have always understood that it also causes upper GI symptoms as well. This seems to be well documented and so not unusual!!


i also have upper GI symptoms and this is quite common with IBS ,ive had ibs for 20+ yrs too. reading post on this site there are quite a few post where people have been told by GPs that pains here and there are not connected to IBS . there doesn't seem to be a guide for GPs to reference .i could be wrong just going by my experience . but if your doc says he doesn't think its ibs ask them to investigate what it is , pain is a sign that something is wrong with your body whether its ibs or some other cause get it checked out . Trisha frm Ireland .


I was diagnosed 10 years ago with IBS, and also get pains under my ribs, high up on the left side, and also lower right-sided pain and stomach cramps, and think this may be due to trapped wind, which can be very painful. I have recently started taking a medication called Kolanticon (as recommended by some users of this valuable site, but not suggested by my doctor) and it really is making a difference to my symptoms - after trying so many other products. It contains an anti-spasmodic and an anti-flatulant which helps with the excessive wind I was getting, and also the nausea. You have to ask the pharmacist for it as it doesn't seem to appear on the shelves, and my doctor has now put it onto my repeat prescription for me. Hope you might find this helpful, and wish you good luck. It seems a question of trial and error with IBS!


Had year of abdominal problems, for 8ish months was told it will go away,had to ask chemist for help, eventually rcommended pepermint caps, normal ones then generic. Later had mebeverine medication. Pains under L rib, abdomen, lower abdomen was awful, pacing up and down at times. In desperation asked to go on protem pump..Pariet. This did start to improve, later had to go lactose free this helped lower abdominal burning . Remained on pariet for months but no longer need same. The whole digestive system was involved. No idea what started it, apart from had shingles before. Sure is trial and error. Am diagnosed ceoliac for 7years but dont think connected. Keep trying,hope for best Its a real mystery.


Everything you all have said on here makes TOTAL sense!! If only the medical profession would try as hard as WE are, they might actually be able to help us. Thanks everybody!!

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Hi and a big thanks to you all. Had yet another abdominal scan Tuesday and everything normal. Had a bad night last night pains moving all over lower and up from minute to minute. So weird but at least I know I am not alone. Have tried mebeverine but did not help now have been told to try buscopan but not sure how that will help upper right and centre pains. Still worth a try


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