Upper left spasms

Hi... Sorry I'm new here so hope I'm doing this right !

Iv had IBS off and on for years last bad flare up over a year ago I was put on colofac mr which worked with spasm and IBS -D, but I also had a camera to check my stomach as I had tightness in my tummy all was fine

But last couple of weeks Iv had a strange new version and started panicking !!!...

I have painless spasm/cramp in my upper left side around my rib and a bit of an indigestion feeling ... Iv goggled far to often and I'm now wrapped in fear!! 🙈

Iv seen the GP he's taken bloods seemed reasonable comfortable when he examined me .

I just wonder does anyone else suffer with this high up spasm that you can really feel but not necessarily acute pain

Thank you


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  • I have experienced similar discomfort on several occasions, with and without pain. Each time I've been checked by the doctor it turns out to be nothing. I've been told the intestine and the large bowel can reach right up to this area behind the ribs on the left side and that it is more than likely the digestive movement or trapped wind (feels like a bubble?) you are feeling. The waste has to make a descending turn as it leaves the large intestine and enters the colon and this is often where discomfort is felt, caused by the contracting movement of the muscles as they push. If you look at images of the intestinal tract you can clearly see this. This area is the part that pushes up behind the ribs so it may be what you are feeling.

    As your doctor seemed unworried, I should try not to be too afraid - Drs can feel a lot just by palpating your stomach, but if you are still experiencing it and are worried you could ask for a colonoscopy to check things inside are ok. Otherwise you could try adding more fibre to your diet, lots of water and foods that have a gelatinous element to them like aloe vera, seaweed or chia seeds. These help to line the gut and ease waste on its way.

    Best wishes, try not to worry. K

  • Hi can't recall thanking you for your reply... I keep re reading as it really helped me settle my mind and I'm going to try the diet tips to see if I can settle the tum

    Thanks again

  • Hi Sweepy, I'm glad you've found some comfort from my reply. Pains and discomfort in the chest area are always frightening. I've been given ECG 's on three separarate occasions because I mentioned left side chest pain, and they were clear each time! Now I try to word it differently! Last time my doctor reckoned I'm possibly getting stomach acid leakage into my rib cage area and she put me on Omeprazole for reflux which helped but I had to stop that as it interfered with another drug I take, so I'm back to just dealing with it.

    I've found the chia seeds good. I sprinkle some on my cereal. They are tiny but swell up a little when they get wet. They get stuck in your teeth but I like them :) The seaweed is good too. You can buy it dried and flaked and add it to soups or stews. If you're ambitious you can buy nori and have a go at making sushi :) I'm not a health food freak but I do like to try foods rather than pills or supplements. I buy quite a bit from healthysupplies.co.uk because they have good offers. Another food supplement you could try to settle your tummy is slippery elm. Holland and Barrett have a powdered form you can mix into drinks or smoothies or add to cereal and it is very gentle on the stomach.

    Hope some of this works for you, enjoy experimenting.


  • Yep, I get the exact same feeling as you have perfectly described. Mine is on the right side, only difference! Any one else??

  • I get exactly this too and am having a gastroscopy as well as an endoscopy tomorrow to rule out anything more sinister. Googling stuff is better once you've seen a doctor and know what the problem is. Self diagnosis via Google can be scary...Hang on in there x

  • Mine often goes around my back also, feeling like I've strained my back. Anyone else?

  • exactly the way it effects me I used to think it was a disc problem till I realised it was always happening when I was having horrible wind and aches followed by D its a great relief to find this site its such a horrible condition that I dont talk about it even to the dic so far but now I have fisures and piles and Im in agony I need to go ask for help

  • Hi!

    I find it comforting to have someone who is experiencing the same symptoms to share and chat with as the anxiety of this just causes it to be worse! Maep123 ....are you in the states?

  • I get pain on my left sidea very often. I've only had post infectious IBS-D for a year. That pain is consistently in the same location. I had a colonosopy, mri and nothing was found. My doc thinks I am more sensitive to pain and feel it as pain when my bowels are working on digesting. I can eat only a few foods on the low FODMAP foods and take a gummy multi vitamin and peppermint oil pills from IBGARD as well as probiotic yogurt each day .... imodium every day. I'm managing the discomfort but eat small amounts of food to try to not have as much food digesting at the same time from a large meal. The pain happens less with these steps for me. The FODMAP list was a lifesaver for me to go off pain pills to eat. I now carefully pick my foods and take no pain meds. Try not to stress over it as anxiety can make IBS D so much worse .... I know how you feel.

  • Thanks everyone .... I'm so pleased I found this network... I thought I was loosing my mind but now instead of googling I just keep re reading all your replies

    Love from


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