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Pregnancy & IBS - HELP


Hello, I am 8 weeks pregnant and normally a suffer of IBS-d but since falling pregnant my symptoms have done a 180° and I’m having constipation, which I’m attributing to the iron in my pregnancy vitamins. My gastro doctor has rightly said I can’t take any antispasmodic medication (buscopan/mebeverine) but can take lactulose (which I’ve never taken before), I have been taking 25ml every evening before bed. The issue is that it’s causing me to wake in the morning to horrific cramping, when I go to the toilet although loose it’s hard to pass because the stool is so thick (sorry TMI) and the cramping throughout the bowel movement is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! I then get over hot, clammy, my mouth goes dry and I feel slightly faint/light headed. I have in the past taken laxido and really got on with this, but been told that it’s not safe for pregnancy despite the product information leaflet saying otherwise. Is there anyone who has been through this and can offer any support or advice... coming from a desperate woman here 😔 thank you

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Perhaps have a word with your doctor and see if you could take a lower dose of iron! I don't remember taking iron supplements when I was pregnant but that was nearly 30 years ago!

Congratulations!!!!! I really hope you feel better soon. I'd just keep trying different things - busco is for ibs d* anyway and would make you more bunged up I think. Not sure if youre in the UK but if you are why dont you consider the laxatives they sell in Boots etc (Im sure you would have considered this anyway). Senocalm is meant to be good and even the chewable sweets. Hope youre ok

Thank you! I am in the UK there’s soooo many things I’m not allowed to have it’s very frustrating 😔 going to speak to my GP again today!!

Crap - thats so unbelievably annoying. Are you having morning sickness too? That may be contributing. Peppermint tea will help with both things

I am getting nausea, unfortunately not just in the morning but thankfully not throwing up! Thanks, I have been having a peppermint tea and also ginger tea - been an IBS sufferer for 8 years, it’s just so uncomfortable when there’s literally nothing I can do or take to help ease the symptoms!

Im with you - it ruins EVERYTHING. Youre so strong though, I imagine pregnancy and ibs is just a baaad combo but you seem hopeful and Im sure youll find something to ease the misery of your issues. I want a baby at somepoint but am petrified of throwing up, what do you take to ease the nausea?

Thank you, that means a lot, I’m trying but it’s tiring at times!! I’m hoping once the hormones calm down and I hit the second trimester things may get better!! Ginger helps with the nausea, try not to let that stop you, some women don’t get the nausea at all others they can suffer with actually being sick, I think it is luck of the draw! I have ginger lozengers I suck on when the nausea is particularly bad, I try to eat small amounts every two hours, little and often, but I’ve found I’ve gone off food, most things make me feel sick especially milk, meat and sugary foods, (things I’d normally love!) I’m mainly eating crackers and breadsticks!!

I have the odd PMS nausea and find crackers n breadsticks to be the key so youre probably doing something right there. I felt sick last week and rice cakes helped, so dry though. Youre right, some suffer terrible, some none at all, sounds like yours isnt too bad considering youre in the middle of the first trimester. Good to see youre positivety. I really hope you sort the ibs stuff out, let us know how you get on x

Thank you! I will do of course!

Must’ve jinxed myself, went for a blood test this morning and ended up throwing up on the side of the road! Fingers crossed it’s a one off 🙈🙈

Oh no, thats awful Im sorry - it is exceptionally hot today though, ive felt a bit sick across the week. Keep taking ginger! Are you feeling any better now?

Awful, so embarrassing, thankfully there wasn’t anyone else around! I felt better immediately afterwards but the nausea is slowly creeping back in! The joys of pregnancy 🙈

Its nice to see someone acting normally with sickness, Im part of an online community for emetophobes so what you just described is our worst nightmare - i never know how to calm myself when i feel its gonna happen. Try iced water too, i hope youre ok!

Oh bless you! I hate being sick and to consider myself to have quite a strong stomach normally. To be honest I didn’t get a huge amount of warning, I was like okay it’s going to happen let’s not do this in the car, so legged it over to a grass verge! Lots of controlled breathing and try not to let yourself be overwhelmed, remember it’s over very quickly!

True actually, breathing has helped me in the past but its the build for me... Theres some days Im not even nauseous and I make myself believe I am so sit shaking for an hr or so. How have you been since?

Oh bless you that sounds awful! I’ve been okay since, thanks for checking in! On and off feeling of nausea but that’s to be expected!

Hi I was exactly like this and it got so bad i ended up with prolapsed haemorrhoids in both my pregnancies. Don't let it get that bad! You are only 8 weeks and in my experience it only got worse. Can your iron tablets me reduced? I ended up stopping mine. Lactulose helped a little for me, try a fiber-rich diet. Also Aloe Vera ? is that safe in pregnancy? That is amazing for me and is very gentle. Comes in juice and tablets, holland and barrett. Check first though

Oh my goodness you poor thing that sounds really awful, I’m so sorry to hear you had that experience! I’m not planning on letting it go that far, I have a previous fissure that’s painful enough and I want to prevent it from reopening so I’m trying to be really proactive in finding something that works! I’m not a fan of the lactulose, waiting to talk to my GP today regarding other medication so will ask about the aloe Vera! Thank you!!

Do you take an aloe Vera gel or tablets?

Tried both, tablets are gentle and effective. The juice is good too, tablets better

Thank you so much ☺️

Congrats! This is how I got over my early pregnancy constipation: over night oats for breakfast and have a 2 kiwis a day, one at lunch and one before bed. I had IBS-D before the pregnancy aswell, hated those multi vits 🙈

NoodlePip in reply to asbayford

Thank you! I will 100% try this!

Hi, feel for you, I was an IBS sufferer for 7 yrs, became pregnant at 27 and really worried about how I would cope. When I got to the three month mark my IBS stopped completely. Not sure if it was the hormones or I was less stressed, but my IBS stopped. I was very worried it would come back once I had the baby, but it never did. I have since found out my Auntie gets IBS and my Mum gets poorly with certain foods. Having a sensitive gut seems to run in my family. Now my 19 yrs son is getting IBS symptoms, they have been getting worst over the past few years. I really hope things calm down for you and you can enjoy being a Mother, good luck T xx

NoodlePip in reply to TJDevon

Wow that’s incredible, I truly hope this happens for me too! I have read in some that IBS goes after pregnancy! I’m also 27 at the moment and was diagnosed 8 years ago, it’s progressively got worse - particularly over the past couple of years! Sounds like it definitely is common in your family, I hope you symptoms remain at bay! Thank you for your positivity xx

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