04:15 Christmas morning...curled up on the bathroom floor!

So it's Christmas, and I've been in the bathroom since 1am in the usual agony of an attack. I was woken after only 15 minutes of sleep by the familiar waves of cramping, only I'm 16 weeks pregnant so this is particularly terrifying as I obviously fear that something bad is happening. Especially as the cramping is always so much like labour contractions (only in my opinion, worse!)

So the problem is that sometimes I can have episodes of this pain for hours before the 'relief' comes in the form of a severe bout of diarrhoea (sorry tmi!)

I haven't yet had any relief at all, but each wave of cramping has me in tears. My little boy is upstairs in bed and I'll be getting up soon to see if Santa's been 😢 So here I am envisioning a ruined Xmas day spent on the bathroom floor and completely missing out on time with my son and husband. This alone makes me cry even more, which is probably increasing my anxiety, which is in turn increasing the severity of this attack. I feel hopeless. Pregnancy and IBS is no laughing matter, I have days where I feel like I'm dying, and parts of those days where I almost wish I would- just for some relief! I know that's an awful thing to say, but I just feel so low.

Has anyone else on here dealt with Ibs during pregnancy?

BTW, I dont want to take Immodium or the like, because this attack has come on after a few days of constipation, which I don't want to make worse!

Im sorry for the incredibly long post, I'm just desperate and feel alone and not very festive!!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas without any nasty episodes x x x

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  • So sorry for you. Hope you get some relief soon. X

  • Oh bless you hope your pain free now but if not take something .ive had a terrible week with ibs and early pregnancy bleed (only 8 weeks) . I saw te doctor this week he assured me a small dose of codeine would be ok and I would take a immodium , ibs always plays up when we least want it to . I would of thought it's the constipation before hand that's causing the pains but you need to enjoy today for your little boy as well as your self !!

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and a healthy new year xxxx

  • I am so sorry you are suffering. I know it is hard but try to accept your predicament if you cannot control it Your family enjoy you all year round and will treasure that when you are not able to participate. I am a nanny to a six month whose mother suffered like you as I do.

    Live long and prosper xxxx

  • Hello I too spent this morning on the loo with urgent cramps adi dirrhoea. Im so sick of swinging between painful constipation and diarrhoea i never have a happy medium feel like im taking some or other medication all the time. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy xmas with ur family xc

  • Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you are suffering this morning. I hope it passes quickly for you. Are you allowed to take Imodium? If so, you can try only taking a half or quarter of a pill. I find a full one bloats and constipates me. Merry Christmas and wishing you good health in the new year.

  • Oh dear I know just what Immodium can do, irs either one thing or the other. I find for constipation, oats, porridge or oaty cereals etc. For D

    peppermint tea, bad tummy, hot water bottle. So sorry, just watch very

    carefully what you eat, Fodmap diet gives loads of ideas what to avoid,

    make a list what to avoid. Do hope you feel much better soon.

    Merry Christmas.

  • So sorry you are like this, I can imagine you would be scared . I hope the pain has passed now, an d you was able to enjoy Xmas day with your son & Husdamd.xx

  • So sorry for you. Hope you feel better today and can enjoy time with your family x

  • If I had a dollar for every time I have lied on my bathroom floor I would be rich, but still suffering from IBS.

    I think many forget how stressful the Holidays are - even for the subconscious. We do not do well with stress. I would not be surprised if that is not part of it and you do not even know as it is not in the forefront of where we look at stressors.

    All I know is even if I am not "stressed" on the outside - I am always stressed on the inside.

  • I really feel for you! ! Can't imagine pregnancy and I b s together! !utter nightmare! ! Xx

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