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Ibs symptoms that won’t go away

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Roughly 7 weeks ago I started with a urinary tract infection. I went to the walk in centre and was essentially spooked by a doctor who told me there was traces of blood in my wee and informed me how uncommon it is for a male to have a UTI and if the symptoms returned i’d need a cystoscopy. I took it upon myself to research what else may be causing the burning sensation and scared myself to death essentially with what I read. The antibiotics removed the infection but I developed pains in my lower abdomen (both sides), excess gas both ends, cramping which is intermittent, and gurgling noises in my abdomen heard mainly at night. My stools are generally soft but there is the odd day when I can’t go (which is unlike me as I’m very regular). This symptoms have remained for 6/7 weeks. I’ve been back and forth to the doctors and had 2 x urine tests, 1 x stool test, 1 x blood test and an ultrasound which all came back fine. I’m now on medication for anxiety (OCD) as I managed to convince myself that I have something seriously wrong. My family think these pains are in my head and when the medication starts working I’ll be fine but I’m not convinced. It feels like these symptoms will remain for the rest of my life and I’ll need to managed them and get on with life. I have been put in for a colonoscopy but it’s been out down as routine so won’t be for 6 weeks. My mum tells me I’ve always had a nervous stomach and have had IBS symptoms in the past but it rarely involves constipation or extreme diahera. I’ve been wondering if the anti biotics or the extreme emotional stress I put myself under has caused this. Has anyone had anything similar? Was really hoping I could get rid of this before Xmas but it now looks impossible.

5 Replies
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I think you haven't given yourself enough time to recover your normal gut microbia since the anti-biotics. It will take a number of months. Add to that your stress and recovery could take even longer. The colonscopy could actually help because it will clear your gut out completely and hopefully your normal bacteria will reestablish it's balance. But at the same time you could be setting your recovery back another few months by upsetting your gut again. You have ruled out a lot of possible issues with the tests you have done already. Your bloods would show any major bleeding, infection or inflammation. And the ultrasound any organ inflammation or masses. So, I think you just need to relax and let your gut recover for a while longer. Listen to your Mum.

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Deano1979 in reply to Kilgh

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your thoughts. It’s such a vicious cycle. If my head is playing a part, when the discomfort is present my head is very aware of it and I struggle to focus on anything other than it thus struggle to fully relax. My head is constantly asking but what if..... i’m 2.5 weeks into taking Sertraline which is making the anxiety better.

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Kilgh in reply to Deano1979

Fully understand. I too am on drug therapy to reduce my stress about this crap disorder. My thoughts are logical, my subconscious ignores them.

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Some doctors really could do with some training in patient communication.

I also had a doctor who said something vague about a symptom I had;

And that scared the poop out of me !!

But they really don't understand that once we walk out of his surgery we don't "vanish" we go home and worry about the Half Story/Diagnosis they mentioned.

Then I Dr Google and have nightmare scenarios going round in my head.

If the doctor has HALF an idea he should keep quiet until he had a FULL diagnosis in front of him.

They should in the meantime just give reassurance to the patient that all will be sorted out in time.

I speak from experience.

Hope this helps

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Sue0859 in reply to Bits1961

Yes, doctors should think first! I had a chest x-ray and she said 'oh, your heart is enlarged', then measured it and said, 'oh no, that's OK.' so I thought why did she say that in the first place?

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